Experience Expert Porsche Detailing

Porsche owners are passionate about keeping their cars looking luxurious and timeless. Owning a prestigious vehicle usually denotes an exclusive lifestyle. Keep your dream alive by ensuring your vehicle’s paintwork gleams with a shine and remains protected against imperfections.

Our crew understand the needs of this German sports car, as well as the detail and time necessary to ensure it continues to look its very best with Porsche detailing. We spend an incredible amount of time and attention on its unique features and providing a glossy coating because we want your wheels to make an impressive first impression on Sydney streets.

Keep Your Porsche Sparkling with Professional Auto Services

Our workshop has the tools and equipment to deliver the best results for your high-end vehicle. Your Porsche will receive quality treatment for the interior and exterior, where we meet the needs of every detail. Whether you are a new owner or this is one of many purchased before, we explain the Porsche detailing process so you understand what you’re paying for and the type of finish to expect.

When we have the privilege of undertaking Porsche detailing for your prestige car, we will complete the job with an appearance of which to be proud. We achieve this by undertaking the following processes:

Rims & Tyres

Porsche wheels and rims add to the overall aesthetics of your car but are also an essential element that needs to be safe and in good working order. It’s a non-negotiable area of your car because wheels that aren’t working right can cause you to have an accident, so, wheel repair should always be a priority.

Our process includes checking that there are no loose or corrosive parts, removing dirt and brake dust and adding wheel armour to protect the rims. 


Our Sydney technicians will make your Porsche interiors look like new and protect them against UV rays penetrating in from the windows by:

  • Adding a protective conditioner to leather seats
  • Vacuuming carpet
  • Cleaning door frames, crevices and windows
  • Eliminating odours
  • Cleaning with a fine brush
  • And more!

We make contact with every interior surface to ensure that we clean the places that aren’t easy to reach, including the often easy-to-overlook area under your seat and the seat belts.

Paint Protection Film

Many people don’t realise the importance of keeping their exteriors looking their best. Aside from looking great out on the road, car paint protection not only gives your Porsche a shiny gloss but also offers a whole host of other benefits, including:

  • Keeping your Porsche cleaner for longer periods
  • Slows oxidation and chemical etching
  • Making your Porsche easier to clean
  • Protecting the paintwork from hard water spots
  • Deflects the harmful aspects of acid rain
  • Helping your Porsche retain its new car look for resale value.

The paint protection film is a clear coating that bonds with your Porsche. The robust layer doesn’t negatively impact the look of your car and is an excellent source of protection against general wear and tear and environmental factors. 

Paint Correction

When you bring your car to Eightyeight Detailing, we will perform car paint correction to remove scratches, swirl marks and any other imperfections on your Porsche doors, panels and bumper. We carefully undertake the process that uses a technique to correct the flaws and polish the paint on completion. 

Unless you plan on never driving your Porsche and confining it to a garage, it’s likely at some stage to experience fading, marks, and, if left untreated, oxidation. We make it our job to ensure our service delivers on the removal of imperfections, so you can drive away confident in knowing your car has received the very best service.

Why We Provide Quality Finishes for Luxury Vehicles

Luxury car enthusiasts know the pleasure of driving a pristine vehicle designed to be on show. It’s an iconic vehicle – fun to drive and well-loved by car enthusiasts, so deserves to make a statement on the road, which is why we provide quality finishes, along with the following:

  • Maintaining the health of your Porsche
  • Increasing the longevity of the vehicle
  • Repels water, dust and dirt keeping it cleaner for longer
  • Helps prevent scratches
  • Prevents damage to the paintwork
  • Decreases the likelihood of rust


Aside from aesthetics, our customers can expect that our crew will ensure everything is in good working order by thoroughly cleaning every aspect, from the engine to your car’s glass windows. We understand how each aspect of our service aims to keep your Porsche looking new and in good working order.

Get in Touch With Eightyeight for Expert Services

From paint protection film to checking your rubber seals, every surface of your Porsche is attended to when you choose Eightyeight to detail your luxury car. You can expect our service to always begin with open communication from start to finish, so you’re aware of what access we need to your vehicle’s interior and exterior. 

We know how essential Porsche’s performance is, especially since it’s a ride popular in motorsport. Peak performance is much easier when well cared for and free from grease and dust that builds up when on the open road.

While you may consider an at-home car wash adequate, regardless of whether you drive a luxury car, those hard-to-reach places behind the panels aren’t possible without the tools and expertise of the Eightyeight crew. Using specialist services like ours means we remove all the grim you cannot see so your drive is as smooth as possible.

Our Sydney team is on hand and ready to give your Porsche the attention it deserves. Book now by giving us a call at +61 404 888 869 or Info@eightyeightdetailing.com, and we’ll make your ride stand out from the rest.