Shield Your Car from the Sun With UV Paint Protection

Australian sun rays can be incredibly intense, causing oxidation and the paint on your car to fade, creating serious damage over time. Parts of our country are sunny all year round, and simply trying to leave your car parked in the shade isn’t always possible. The best way to protect your car is by adding UV protection for car paint to your ride.

At Eightyeight Detailing, we want car owners to have the best outcomes for the exterior of their vehicle and retain its factory colour paint as long as possible. We provide our customers with a protective skin for their vehicles in the form of ceramic coating.

How is Your Car’s Paint Damaged by the Sun?

We know that the sun damages our skin, but you might not be aware that the exterior of your car is equally susceptible. While it isn’t just the sun that makes car paint fade, it is a significant factor. Just like our skin, a little sun is ok, but too much UV radiation reacts with your car’s paint when it hits the surface. 

Aside from the paint peeling and cracking due to sun damage, it can also cause your bumper to be left duller in colour. It only occurs if your car body is in direct sunlight for long periods. UV light is invisible but powerful in destroying your car exterior, as a quick burst of energy results in a chemical reaction that breaks molecular bonds. 

The damage isn’t instant but will cause consistent corrosion and oxidation when your vehicle is left out in the heat.

Does Car Paint Only Fade From Harmful UV Rays?

While the sun’s rays are a major factor in fading paint on your car, the following aspects will expedite the damage if left without proper care:

  • Road grime: Chemical toxins and grime, such as gravel, oils and tar, can damage your ride’s paintwork.
  • Bug splatter & bird droppings: Bug guts and bird droppings consist of highly acidic contents. If left, it will begin eating away at your car’s paint.
  • Not cleaning your car: Dust and dirt cause damage to your exterior paint surface if it’s not regularly cleaned. The light from UV rays breaks down the paint causing it to be dull.

Protect Car Paint With Professional Ceramic Coatings

At Eightyeight Detailing, we offer a selection of services to protect your vehicle and automotive parts. Ceramic coating is one of the best ways for car owners to protect their paint from sun damage, especially if it’s parked outside whenever you’re not driving. 

UV paint protection uses nanotechnology to deflect UV rays, and on application, it cures and adds a durable layer that blocks them from penetrating your car’s exterior surface. The great thing about applying this clear coat  to your car is its varied benefits, including:

1. High Gloss Finish

When applied precisely, paint protection leaves a high gloss, slick surface that adds a beautifully aesthetic layer to your car. It retains that beautiful shine if regularly cleaned and well maintained. It’s especially popular for people driving luxury cars who want their ride to turn heads.

2. Hydrophobic Qualities

A ceramic clear coat repels dirt and helps avoid spot damage from water by beading up and rolling off the car’s surface. This feature helps keep the car clean longer, which means less time spent cleaning and, in turn, conserving water.

3. Chemical Resistance

Ceramic coatings can help repel bug splatters, bird droppings and other acidic environmental impacts. Although the clear coats help with protecting your vehicle, you still need to wash the offending marks off to avoid further damage.

The Process for UV Protection for Car Paint

When you bring your ride to Eightyeight Detailing for UV protection, you can expect that we will follow a process for your vehicle that will add a protective layer to your vehicle. Our usual process involves the following:

  • We remove any water and oil residue by thoroughly washing with soapy water and drying the paintwork with a dry cotton rag.
  • Use a clay bar for any paintwork correction.
  • Remove any wax or grease residue.
  • Apply the UV protection for car paint.

Ongoing Protective Care for Car Paint

After the application of protection against UV rays, there are two main processes you can make part of your routine to ensure the surface of your car remains looking its best:

1. Wash Your Car Regularly

Regularly washing your car in a gentle circular motion by hand with a cleaning cloth will help remove dirt, oils, and dust. Keeping it clean gives the coating a better chance of doing its best because its exterior is free from contaminants.

2. Park in the Shade to Further Prevent Sun Damage

By parking in shady areas, you’re providing ongoing care for your vehicle after being fully protected with a ceramic coating. Keeping your car paintwork out of direct contact with UV radiation, and undergoing paint protection, will help keep your paintwork from oxidation, fading and cracking.

Visit Eightyeight Detailing for UV Paint Protection for Car Paint

With the proper prep work, the smooth application of a ceramic coating to protect car paint from UV rays and parking your car out of the direct sun are all measures to keep your paintwork looking its best for longer.

By giving your car paint the protection it needs, you are investing in your vehicle’s future by helping retain the look of the exterior, which provides it with a greater chance of higher resale value. Our team is experienced in the application and ensures our customers understand the process and how it improves their ride.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your car’s paint surface and create a barrier between it and UV rays, contact our crew at +61 404 888 869. Experience the professional service that Eightyeight Detailing delivers.