What to Expect in Car Restoration in Australia

When it comes to car restoration in Australia, you instantly think of vintage, classic and muscle cars. Given that these cars are of an age, you can expect that this project will be a labour of love and the process requires time, space, patience and the right tools. 

While there are many components to classic car restorations, there is one guarantee you can always expect: the experience will be rewarding as long as you have the patience to see the project through. It is useful to gather information to help you with your vehicle restoration journey and work through any issues you may face.

Determining Your Car Restoration
Project’s End Goal

Restoring vehicles is usually a big project, especially when you’re trying to keep it cost-effective. When embarking on such a big task and outlying what is bound to be a significant budget, having a clear goal will determine how much work and money you need to invest in your project. Having a clear understanding of what you want assists the mechanic, the technicians, and yourself work towards a common end result.

While small things differ from your original plan throughout the restoration, your goal gives you the motivation needed to take the first steps toward your project. Creating a visual outlook can also motivate you to reach your target while being flexible enough for minor changes to the plan.

Breaking Down Car Restoration
Costs In Australia

When breaking down how much money you will be required to part with to enter the classic car market and complete restoration work on your vehicle, you may be looking at anywhere between $25,000 and $70,000. Competitive prices should always cover the cost of the car, tools and parts required. 

If you were to engage a professional team of auto detailers who have expertise with vintage and classic cars, you are looking at anywhere between $60 and $80 an hour and additional costs for parts. However, it’s best to speak directly with technicians at your local car detailing service once you know what type of vehicle you’re restoring because they can give you a quote specific to your needs.

5 Tips for Your Car Restoration Process

As soon as you determine your goals and understand the costs associated with classic car restoration, consider the following expectations, especially if it is your first time:

Decide on a style and theme – pre-preparation will ensure you’re not floundering with what to do next.

Research part availability – the sooner you see what is available to you, the easier it will be to plan your project.

Know your limits – the best you can do for yourself and ensure your restored ride is successful is knowing when to ask for help and assessing your skill level.

Setbacks happen – like any undertaking, setbacks happen. Don’t allow a moment like this to stress you by having backup plans.

Be open to learning – from bodyworks and spray painting to electrics and upholstery, there are so many components to restorations that you may find yourself learning on the fly.

Challenges Faced During
Classic Car Restoration

The reality is, when undergoing a vehicle restoration, challenges arise. While you may experience some bumps along the way, a professional technician can help ease your concerns by giving you advice or taking on the restoration work for you. Some of these challenges may include:


Difficulty finding parts

Depending on the era it was made or the make and model, finding genuine parts for your classic or vintage car can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to source them locally. Before you begin the task, you need to determine whether you’re happy to restore your ride with replica parts. You can generally find the parts you require in online forums, car magazines, wrecking services, other classic or vintage owners, auctions and part finders.

Safety equipment

With older vehicles, the level of safety isn’t as intuitive as in modern cars. While there may be sentimental value in keeping the vehicle restoration as genuine as possible, the challenge is whether you want to bring it up to today’s safety standards. Many classic car enthusiasts upgrade the electronics, add seatbelts and even add air conditioning without ruining the quality of the build and finding ways to ensure these changes go unnoticed.


Perhaps one of the most significant challenges of restoring your classic car is time. When you pay meticulous attention to a build and achieve a quality result, you will need to dedicate enough time to get it done because it isn’t a quick process. We recommend allowing time for delays when planning your build, especially if you have a deadline to meet.

Looking Beyond Classic & Vintage Cars

While it’s easy to only look toward car restoration for classic and vintage vehicles, there are times when you may have been in an accident and need this solution to repair the damage done. 

Depending on what level of impact your car has experienced, you may want to determine if you can undertake the work yourself or whether expert help is needed.

Suppose you’re looking at significant repairs to the body, engine, paint and hood. You may even need to deal with hefty rust repairs and reworks. In that case, this may be where reaching out to a car restoration company is the next best step to take. Depending on the level of damage, you may not have much choice.

Expect the Best
From Professional Car Restorers

Restoring your muscle, vintage or classic car is a considerably large job. This is why we recommend seeking assistance from an expert unless you already know how to do restoration or are willing to learn as you go. It can be a fun experience and a hobby for some, but it’s also time-consuming and requires a lot of knowledge. 

When taking on this kind of project, there is a lot to consider before you even take the first few steps towards your goal. Whether it’s your first vehicle restoration project or just another in a long line of restored rides, reaching out to professionals such as the Eightyeight Detailing garage technicians is always worthwhile. Our specialists have the expert knowledge and experience to elevate your dream car restoration and give you the perfect end result.

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