Alloy Wheel Repair Guildford

Searching for affordable alloy wheel repair Guildford residents can rely on? Eightyeight Detailing are guaranteed to deliver a comprehensive and friendly service. We are well-known in the community for having the right tools, equipment and methods on hand to offer our customers the services they need for a car that works well.

Rims don’t last a lifetime, after all, especially when you have kerbed and scuffed wheels, and we make it easy to revive your alloys as close to the original factory finish as possible. Our crew do an amazing job finding a colour match when required and avoid expensive replacements in favour of wheel repair where possible. 

Get Alloy Rim Repairs by Our Expert Crew

Modern alloy rims tend to come in various finishes and styles. They offer several performance advantages when working at their best, including quick acceleration, faster stopping and less strain on the suspension. To maintain this level of usability, the Eightyeight crew are the right people to keep them in running order. 

We Understand Damaged Wheels
& How to Fix Them

Regardless of whether they’re old or modern, alloy rims, like any wheel, can experience either structural or cosmetic damage, the latter having less urgency for repair than the former. The most common forms of damage include gutter rash, cracked rims, scratches, stone chips and bent wheels. 


Getting back on the road is made easier if you get your damaged rims attended to quickly, whether they be diamond-cut alloy rims or shiny alloy metal. As a wheel repair service, we regularly see the following damage:

1. Structural Damage

When our customers have structural damage, their rims are damaged and may not be able to be fixed. It’s likely the alloys will need the following:


  • Heating
  • Straightening
  • Welding
  • Reshaping


To give your wheels the best chance of repair, we recommend getting in touch with the Eightyeight crew as quickly as possible rather than remaining at risk of further damage.

2. Cosmetic Damage

It’s disappointing when your car has cosmetic damage. It doesn’t look great, and it has most drivers wishing for a better car exterior. There are bound to be scrapes and scratches from normal wear and tear. In most cases, our crews can get your damaged rims back to or as close to their original condition as possible. 

Why Robust Alloy Wheels Are Essential

One aspect of a car’s safety and ability to function properly depends on its alloy wheels remaining in good shape. By immediately tending to your damaged alloy wheels, you will receive a selection of benefits, including:

Performs Effectively

The car is easier to drive and steer when the structure is strong, especially around corners. Your rims should always be in excellent working order, so your drive is as easy as possible, whether you’re on the backroads or the freeway.

Improves Appearance

If you’re a car enthusiast, you want your car to always look its best, including your alloy wheels. Adding a protective wheel coating can help preserve them by keeping them free from scratches and scuffs.

Resale Value

Like any well-looked-after car, having wheels that keep you safe on the road and look robust will help with the resale value of your vehicle. A car that looks and feels great is more likely to get a better price than a ride that isn’t looking its best. 

Signs You Have Wheel Damage

When your car needs alloy wheel repair in Guildford, there will be some critical signs that it’s time to seek the services provided by Eightyeight Detailing. Some of the most common indicators that there’s an issue with your rims include:

Vibration & Shaking

If you’re experiencing vibration and shaking, you’ve likely got a bent rim, which means it’s not touching the road evenly. You’re likely to feel the vibration behind your vehicle or in your seat.

Tyres Keep Going Flat

If your tyres keep deflating and you have to refill them every few weeks, it could be a sign the alloy metal underneath is pushing on the rubber, bending it and in need of fixing. If you continue to drive with them this way, you place your car and yourself at risk of having an accident because of ineffective tyres.

Grinding Noises

If you’re driving through Guildford and hear grinding noises, it’s a sign you require the expertise of an alloy wheel repair service. You’re most likely to hear this type of sound when you pick up speed or put your foot on the brakes. 

We Repair All Wheel Types

With over 20.1 million registered motor vehicles in Australia as of January 2021, many different wheels need care and attention to ensure they’re in good working order. At Eightyeight, we know that amongst these registrations are wheels of all types and for different functionalities.

We don’t only offer alloy wheel repairs but also deliver our services for other wheel types at our central located workshop. Whether the paint is damaged, needs replacing entirely, or you’re looking for auto detailing, you can count on us to give you a fair price and get the job done as close to “showroom condition” as possible. 

Get a Free Quote with Eightyeight Detailing

When you visit our workshop, we will give you a free quote and the benefit of the expertise of our team’s extremely efficient repair service. Our unmatched reputation for success means no job for damaged alloy wheel repair is too complex or small.

We have the proper facilities, whether you need a quick repair or significantly more detailed work. Our crew are available to meet the many and varied requirements of rims, whether diamond cut or all terrain. 

Contact our crew for your wheel repair service needs and book an appointment with our experienced crew. Discover all our available services at our centrally located workshop and drive away knowing your vehicle has been in safe hands.