Professional Car Detailing Liverpool

As auto enthusiasts and professional mechanics, we appreciate how much drivers can love their vehicles. When you hand over the keys to our technicians for car detailing in Liverpool, you can rest assured we are committed to having your ride look better than when you left it in our care.

Residents across the City of Liverpool-Wattle Grove, Mt. Pritchard, Carnes Hill, Chipping Norton, and Warwick Farm can expect a VIP car care service when they leave their vehicles with our best detailers. We ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quality finishes without compromising the integrity of your car.

Our Car Detailing Services

We pride ourselves on being well-known for detailing cars’ exteriors and interiors. It’s with consistency that we surpass our customer’s expectations by delivering quality results that leaves their vehicles looking brand new once more. We are fully insured and apply cutting-edge tools to take care of your car in the following ways:

1. Interior

The Eightyeight team of knowledgeable operators will bring your car’s interior back to life, achieving a quality end result by:

  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Fine brush cleaning
  • Cleaning windows, door frames and jambs
  • Sanitising surfaces with steam
  • Eliminating odours
  • And much more!

We work hard with our cleaning products to clean all the cracks and crevices that aren’t easy to reach, including under the seats and the easily forgotten seat belts.

2. Rims & Tyres

There is no room for negotiation regarding the care of your tyres and rims. When it comes to wheel repair and maintenance, ensuring there are no corrosive or loose parts can mean the difference between being safe on the road and creating a danger for other motorists.

In addition to thoroughly cleaning and removing any dirt and brake dust, our crew will also add Wheel Armour to protect your rims for many years to come.

3. Paint Correction

Car paint correction in Sydney does an excellent job of removing swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections from your car’s door, roof, and exterior panels. Whether driving across the city of Liverpool or primarily keeping your car locked in a garage, your vehicle’s paint will likely suffer marks, fading, and oxidation.

By going through the car detailing process, you will receive a VIP car care service. Professional removal of imperfections is one of our core detailing services, so the exterior of your vehicle will get more than a simple car wash and spray of cleaning products.

4. Paint Protection

Once your car has had paint correction, the next step in car detailing is paint protection in the form of graphene or ceramic coating. This method protects your car against environmental factors and general wear and tear, such as fading paint and minor scratches.

We provide VIP car care for your vehicle, because we know it keeps your car in better shape for longer. We use paint protection for caring for your ride because history in the automotive industry has shown how hydrophobic properties and a hard layer provide a robust surface with a sleek aesthetic.

Why Your Vehicle Needs Professional Car Detailing Liverpool

While the automotive industry in Australia has technical regulations on vehicle design, we are not at a point where cars remain free from the effects of the environment, such as dirty rainwater, dust and animal droppings and continue to work well without the assistance of products to protect surfaces. Given this, the best car detailers are necessary to keep your ride looking its best and driving smoothly across the city of Liverpool. 

While an at-home car wash may seem enough to keep your ride looking its best, the result pales in comparison to the detail achieved by a professional crew. By having Eightyeight Detailing clean your car using specialised detailing products and equipment, you’ll remove a lot of dirt and grime that you can’t see, but that is still there after a car wash.

The grime results from environmental pollutants such as sap, dirt, rain, bugs, UV rays and heat, causing damage to your car over time. The best way to remove them is with the expertise of a car detailer who can machine buff, polish, and get to the hard-to-reach places.