Get Showroom Shine With Car Paint Correction

Car paint correction is an essential part of any car detailing service. Not only does it help to improve the look of your vehicle, but it can also help to protect it from future damage. Whether you need a simple touch-up or a more extensive restoration, our team at Eightyeight Detailing has the expertise to create a smooth finish. 

We use the latest techniques and equipment to get your car looking its best. Whether the damage is caused by other car doors, water spots, or even bird etching marks, our correction process will leave a glossy shine. 

When choosing car paint correction services, to gain the glossy finish you desire and to maintain the paint surface properly, it needs to be completed by a professional team like ours who use less invasive and focused techniques.

What is Paint Correction & Why Do You Need it?

The paint on your car can become scratched and fade over time from a range of elements, which can affect the overall appearance of the car. Car paint correction involves restoring the paint finish on a vehicle. It can be anything from minor paint corrections for light scratches to removing major paint imperfections. 

Permanent removal of imperfections doesn’t only involve machine polishing and the removal of marks; it’s also a transformation of your vehicle that makes your paintwork look new again. Car paintwork needs to undergo paint correction as imperfections and daily wear can cause the surface to be dull and gather scratch marks. If left unattended, these marks can lead to rust, causing deeper issues. 

And yet, our paint correction services are not the only way to keep your car looking its best. Combining the paint correction process with regular professional car detailing in Sydney can ensure a regular showroom shine for your modern car.

What Eightyeight Detailing Can Do for Your Car's Paintwork

Your car is probably the second most expensive purchase after buying a house that you’ll make in your lifetime, so you want to keep it looking its best. Over time, your car’s paint can become dull and scratched, but our professional paint correction service can fix that. Our professional technicians use a range of modern techniques to correct the following types of paint defects:

    • Defective paintwork
    • Fading paint
    • Water spots
    • Scuffing
    • Surface scratches
    • Random isolated deep scratches
    • Spiderweb swirl marks
    • Bird etching marks and droppings
    • Holograms, marring, and buffer trails as a result of unskilled detailing.


It’s essential when removing marks from your vehicle that professionals complete the task as the process requires the appropriate use of tools and time. Using correct techniques ensures your paint surface is properly completed so you can enjoy a smooth finish and be proud to drive throughout Sydney’s streets.

Car Paintwork

How Do We Evaluate Your Car

With an initial evaluation of your car, we can ensure we provide you with the right paint correction services that best suit your vehicle’s condition. If your paint undergoes insufficient preparation and full paint correction using poor technique, you’ll end up with greater issues, like burning through the clear coat.

Our next steps  include:

  • Measuring paint thickness with professional gauges
  • Investigating car paint with xenon light
  • Checking any easily visible scratches


From this information, we can ensure we use only the best products and give your vehicle the right paint thickness for a complete transformation.

Is Paint Correction Worth it?

Having a great-looking car is a lifestyle and not a one-time event to remove paint contaminants and repair swirls and scratches on your vehicle. Regardless of if you’re looking to make a statement with a car immaculate and polished or you want to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in a car that no longer looks badly weathered, paint correction offers three main benefits:

  • Resale value: A scratched and dull-looking paint job on your car can be the difference between a great resale price and being hard to sell.
  • Longevity: Well looked after car paint simply means it looks better for longer. 
  • Highlights Features: Not only will your car stand out in a crowd, but its features, like its sleek lines and custom wheels, benefit from outstanding paint condition.

If you’re looking to ensure your vehicle is better protected from scratches and swirl marks, we recommend paint correction, along with the addition of a graphene coating for further paint protection.

What’s the Average Cost of Paint Correction?

When choosing professional technicians, quality and time determine the total paint correction cost. You can expect the average price for a minor correction to start at around $500. The total cost will vary for each individual client, given that no two cars are in the same condition when they need good paint correction.

New Technology In Car Paint Correction - Never Worry About Scratches Again!

The crew at Eightyeight Detailing have their finger on the pulse of all things new in technology for car paint correction and other auto services. Our paint correction removes swirl marks, damage from car washes, and scratches from other elements, regardless of whether you drive dark-coloured cars or the finest, vibrant yellow Lamborghini. 

Based on our crew’s experience, we have the best car paint correction services for accessing and understanding just what your ride needs to look its best. This can mean using informative and accurate time-honoured techniques or using newer technologies for larger scratches and dents with paintless dent removal.

Whatever specialist requirements your car’s paintwork needs, you can be confident it will be completed professionally and ensure there are no visible marks left.

Learn More About Our Car Paint Correction Options Today!

Whether you have a new car, a long-running old faithful, or a family sedan, our crew of professional technicians will make it shine. We know maintaining a new and sleek look for your vehicle’s finish is important, and with the right selection of services, we can make this happen for you in no time. 

Ask our crew what we can do to give your vehicle the proper preparation and finish that will make it stand out from the rest!