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Cutting-Edge Car Detailing Services

Experience that new car feel with Eightyeight Detailing’s full interior and exterior detailing services, finished to perfection by our team of technicians who are also car enthusiasts. Our motivation to give your vehicle the time and care it needs to look and feel its finest on the road means you’re free to enjoy the benefits of a showroom finish.

When engaging in our auto detailing services, you can expect peace of mind, high-quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer communication. Our goal is to give you incomparable aesthetics and functionality using the latest developments, equipment, techniques, and long-held experience.


Empowering Your Drive

Each step is paramount to the final result when it comes to providing the best services possible. The practicality of our workshop means we’re well equipped to thoroughly detail, repair, and protect your vehicle. We do this by managing your interiors and wheels, safeguarding them with car paint protection, window tinting, and paintless dent removal for those small dings. You can expect that our process isn’t just about your vehicle being washed and cleaned but also ensuring that it’s always at its best to retain its value and longevity in use. Whether you drive a classic, high-end, or family car, we offer the same processes to save you time and money, while prioritising your individual needs.


Nothing But Excellence With Eightyeight Detailing

Our Sydney team loves what they do, and this is reflected in the professionalism of the services rendered by them. They have proven excellence in the delivery of services in the automotive industry, using the best products and valued experience for consistency. We value each vehicle that visits our workshop, where we can give it a complete overhaul using our sophisticated equipment and intuitive technicians.

Wheel Repair

Wheel repair for managing cosmetic and structural damage to protect against accidents.


Interior Protection

We add protection to your car’s interior for longevity and act as a safeguard against spills.


Graphene Coating

Ensure your car's exterior is durable and protected from the elements with a graphene coating.


Window Tinting

We use nanotechnology for increased efficiency, protection from UV rays and privacy.


Paintless Dent Removal

Using the right tools to remove simple dents from your car's exterior.


Car Restoration

Whether a classic or your everyday vehicle, we can restore it to its original condition.


Auto Detailing

Get the magic touch with professional car detailing of your interiors and exteriors with Eightyeight.


Premium Services for a Flawless Finish

Your Eightyeight Detailing team delivers quality services and precise care of your vehicle. We believe that everyone deserves to experience their drive in pristine and safe conditions, and to have pride in how their ride looks. You can expect to leave your vehicle with a team that is composed of car enthusiasts as well as professionals in their trade, who understand the importance of taking the best care of your pride and joy. 

We welcome you to browse through our selection of services or ask us how we can help you.