Pre-Sale Car Detailing Sydney

When selling a car, first impressions matter, so choosing professional pre-sale car detailing Sydney residents can rely on is essential. While it may seem like all you need to do is give it a quick washdown, car owners should consider the value of putting a full detail on their to-do list.

By detailing your car inside and out, you’re giving your vehicle a brand new life, and all the attention will be on what you have for sale rather than the local car dealer. Moreover, showing your car the care it needs will let it do all the talking, helping you receive every dollar you deserve.

Impress Potential Buyers With A Full Car Detail

It’s easy to impress potential buyers once you contact the Eightyeight crew for interior and exterior car detailing. Although you’re selling a used vehicle, you still want it to look its best to secure a few extra hundred or even thousands of dollars on the asking price. Before you put it on the market for sale, transform your ride back into showroom condition by ensuring everything from the door jambs, to the seats, to the wheels are all clean, safe, and ready to sell. We go the extra mile on each job to give your car a new ride look to maximise the interest of potential buyers.

Why You Need A Full Car Detail

Cars get dirty, whether locked away in a garage 90% of the time or if they’re driven daily. Grime, dust, and other particles are a result of many environmental pollutants, including:

  • Sap 
  • Dirt
  • Rain
  • Bugs
  • UV rays
  • Heat

These elements cause damage to your car paint over time, and no buyer wants to spend good money on a ride that looks in disrepair. The best way to alleviate the issue is with the expertise of a car detailer who specialises in pre-sale detailing in Sydney. We can machine buff, polish, and get to the hard-to-reach places at the best price for our clients.

What to Expect From Pre-Sale Car Detailing in Sydney

When customers book us for pre-sale detailing in Sydney, we follow a carefully planned process for both the inside and outside of their cars, so you can count on us to pay attention to every detail of the job. 

We complete each pre-sale car detail with a potential buyer in mind, and our technicians treat every part with care and respect. We are not only committed to getting your vehicle to shine and giving it that new car look; you can also expect the following when choosing Eightyeight Detailing for a full detail on your new or used car: 

Car Interior Surfaces

It’s not uncommon to overlook your car’s interior surfaces when it needs a bit of cleaning. It is amazing how much dust and grime get into the little nooks and crannies, so we take the time to remove all the dog hair and dirt, along with:

  • Inspecting imperfections
  • Treatment for leather surfaces 
  • Hand-wipe all surfaces
  • Car window tinting for added protection
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets and seats
  • Rejuvenate any aged finishes
  • Polish the console and door fixtures
  • Check and clean seat belts
  • Deodorise the entire car

Regardless of the age of your car, we treat it with professionalism and make sure every detail helps the sale. 

Car Exterior Surfaces

The first thing a potential buyer sees is your paintwork and wheels, which is why the outside of your vehicle is one of the most important aspects of a pre-sale detail service. For this reason, our details begin by working to remove any imperfections, including scratches, with car paint correction

We then follow up with car paint protection to maintain this shine whilst lessening the possibility of further stains, marks and rust using graphene or ceramic coating. Our pre-sale detail service also includes the following:

  • Hand washing
  • Machine polish
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Wheel hand wash
  • Clean windows
  • A high-pressure engine bay wash
  • And more!

Skilled Craftsmanship for Professional Finishes on Your Car

We value both old and new customers and can help you get more out of your investment by going above and beyond what you expect. Vehicles, no matter their age and despite the changing regulations in car design, are still susceptible to stains, swirls, dirty carpets, and scrapes. 

Our crew are some of the industry’s most professional, hard-working technicians, with services going well beyond a simple car wash. We know that committing to a full car detail before making a sale can leave you wondering whether you’re making the right decision, but we also know the value a full car detailing service can bring to your ride. With our pre-sale packages, we can help you whether you’re looking to improve the interior and exterior of your car, or just one component, like adding a ceramic coating for paint protection. Our Sydney team are experienced in full car detail procedures and will use their skill to help your car shine.

Get Great Results for Pre-Sale Car Detailing

Our detailing services include the right tools and skills to transform the paint on your car’s exterior and give your seats new life, which isn’t easy to achieve on your own. We can provide you with the service you need no matter what make or brand your car is, and at an affordable price. 

Choose Eightyeight Detailing if you want a team of technicians who are reliable and skilled enough to undertake a full car detail. As one of our most popular services, we take the right amount of care to leave you with a new car feel that proves invaluable when it comes time to sell. If you want to know more or are interested in a no-obligation, free quote, contact us today.