Paintless Dent Removal Near Me

Your car can look as good as new with paintless dent removal at Eightyeight Detailing, your automotive specialists. We have a crew of highly trained, skilled technicians who understand that the most minor cosmetic repairs can make you feel more confident driving any of your cars, knowing they look their best.

We can supply you with fast, affordable paintless dent removal at our Sydney workshop, from fixing scratches and dents in panels and doors from hail damage, to crinkling in your bumper. We’re on a mission to take the stress out of repairs by using a paintless dent removal technique that takes less time than traditional methods.

As a prefered centre for busy, budget-conscious car owners, you can expect our prices to be affordable. Our turn-around is quick because we’re passionate about keeping vehicles looking their best without making clients wait for the time it takes for traditional dent repair.

Trust Eightyeight Detailing for Paintless Dent Removal

For a name you can trust, look no further than Eightyeight Detailing, where you will not only experience top-notch services and dent repair but also super-friendly technicians who are committed to getting your vehicle back into shape. Unlike typical panel repair shops for your vehicle, our team uses technology-forward equipment to ensure that your big or small dents are removed hassle-free. 

Regardless of your vehicle type, we will have it back to its original factory finish after we have taken the time to thoroughly:

  • Assess the damage – look at the size and location of the dent or scratches and see how accessible it is so we can get it back to its original shape using our paintless dent removal process.
  • Take a closer look – using specialised equipment, we inspect the dent’s shadow to further assess its condition.
  • Same day service – if the dent’s severity is reasonable, we offer a same-day paintless dent removal service for your vehicle.

Fix Those Dings and Dents on Your Damaged Panel

When you choose to get your car dings and dents fixed with Eightyeight Detailing, you can expect that we will deliver the best results every time.

When you choose to use our paintless dent removal service, you will find that our combined experience and technology-forward solutions will:

  • Keep the original paintwork intact
  • Give a free quote
  • Same-day service
  • Comply with Australian laws
  • Repair creases, bumper dents and panels.


It’s not uncommon for a dent to occur from hail damage, door dings from supermarket trolleys, and dents directly from other cars’ doors. To get your car to a point where it is dent-free without damaging the paint, our team uses special tools to restore the panels. Our trained specialists and friendly technicians achieve this by:

  • Prepare for restoration: Once our technicians have determined the damage is suitable for paintless dent removal, we prepare the area by removing any surrounding lights or panels that obstruct access to the rear of the problem area.
  • Massage the minor dents: Once preparation is undertaken, we compress the dents directly by massaging them back to the original condition of the panels, roof or bumper. This meticulous process will be completed precisely and with slow pressure to ensure the panels return to their original position.

Can Paintless Dent Repair fix my Dent?

It’s not uncommon for our technicians to be asked how they remove dents and what type of damage they can fix using a paintless dent removal method. In our many years of experience, 80%-90% of dings and dents can be removed with this less invasive method. Whether your car has been hit by the supermarket trolley a few too many times,or you live in an area prone to hail damage, most issues can be fixed quickly and seamlessly.

Get Dents Removed at Competitive Prices

When it comes to making an intelligent choice for paintless dent removal cost, Eightyeight Detailing is the place to go for competitive prices. Our trained specialists believe in not only providing our services at an affordable price, but we offer a full refund if you feel the job wasn’t completed to your satisfaction. 

The cost of dent removal will vary depending on the amount and type of damage. However, it remains a cost-effective choice because it won’t require removing or respraying, which means you’re making significant savings.

Why Choose Paintless Dent Removal Over Traditional Dent Repair?

There are many reasons why paintless dent repair is the choice over traditional methods, time and cost being two of the most popular reasons. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, you can be confident that choosing a top-notch service that is less invasive than panel beating will become your method of choice.


As mentioned, choosing paintless dent repair costs less than traditional panel beating. Prices will vary; however, without the need for spray painting your panels, the savings become significant.


In many cases, your dent can be repaired in just one day. Car enthusiasts still get the professional finish they expect, but in a fraction of the time.

Professional Paint Finish

Our skilled technicians use less invasive techniques that retain the original factory finish. As a less invasive approach, your panels will keep their beautiful look.

Shape Memory

Metal has shape memory, so using paintless dent repair means the damage often “pop” back into shape. At the time of manufacturing, car parts are stamped into shape, which helps maintain structural integrity.

Contact Us Your Trusted Paintless Dent Removal Specialists

At Eightyeight Detailing, we’re a fully equipped workshop that offers many automotive services, including car dent removal. If you’ve experienced damage to your vehicle and are looking for car dent repair, we offer the expertise of our crew, who deliver expert, friendly service. For repairs that take hours, not days, we can easily restore and perform car dent removal to your satisfaction. 

Whatever car detailing you may need, we will revolutionise your ride by providing excellence in service and an expertly skilled team passionate about all types of vehicles, new and old. We are stocked with the right tools and expertise to complete each job that comes through our doors. 

We welcome you to our workshop, where the doors are always, and you can expect reliable service every time you visit us. Whether you require paintless dent removal or want to utilise our other services, contact us now to get started.