Professional Car Interior Restoration

Get the look you want for your classic car or beloved vehicle that will breathe new life into your car’s interior. Utilising our extensive restoration experience and passion, we can re-engineer your classic or muscle cars for a brand new look and feel. Our goal is to provide you with a car you love and feel proud to own, with some added luxuries.

We will transform your vehicle’s interior with little fuss and expert knowledge using authentic materials and quality leather. As car enthusiasts, we always perform to the highest standards, where delivering only the best results is at the forefront of our minds. We fit all aspects of your interiors and customise to your desired specifications while offering your guidance and our expert knowledge.

If you need to replace vinyl or leather seats, restore your dash and steering wheel or need a full makeover, the team Eightyeight Detailing is waiting to begin your vehicle’s transformation.

Bring your Car to Life with Interior Cleaning & Renewed Upholstery

Whether you need a complete restoration or just your upholstery to be replaced, we can design a plan specifically for your car, focusing on common problem areas and issues unique to your vehicle. Our focus is not only on using our extensive experience to bring your car to life but also to ensure that each addition is safely added for ongoing enjoyment and use.

Over time, older cars that haven’t had the benefit of technological advancements will experience damage to their interior plastic, panels, dashboards, and trims. Eightyeight Detailing, unlike DIY, is able to take care of changes and repairs to your car with the expertise of our specialist teams.

Car Restoration Services We Offer

While there are many approaches to restoring a vehicle’s interior, our team takes a unique approach to bring your car dream to life. Eightyeight detailing use the latest technologies for precise results when restoring the following:

Leather & Vinyl Upholstery

Bring your classic to life with the new car feeling you get from restoring leather and vinyl seats. Our trimmers take the time to carefully select materials to match the original seats where possible. Given that a car is a harsh environment for leather, we use vehicle-specific materials of high-quality and fair better within such a space.


One of the common issues we look at first restoring in your car interior is the springs in the seats. These almost always need replacing and require extra support for longevity. We also assist our customer’s fabric repair and replacement for all types of car seats.


It’s safety first with seatbelts where we thoroughly clean, strip and dismantle to ensure everything is as it should be. In some instances, a complete replacement may be needed, especially for seatbelts that are frayed and unroadworthy.

Door Trims

We can use authentic reproduction trims for your classic Australian cars or refurbish the originals for a completely fresh appearance. We use superior materials for a seamless style that’s as closely matched where possible.

Steering Wheels

Usually, we can restore your original steering wheel to main the authenticness of your vehicle. We can make partial repairs on damaged or worn steering wheels without detracting from its original form.


The Australian sun damages dashboards, especially older models, where it cracks and deteriorates the materials. We provide custom restorations and repairs, such as vacuum forming and reproduction. Expert restorations are performed by our team of professionals.


Often we use replacement instruments to totally customise your ride and upgrade them with more modern functionality. While original instruments are rare to come by, we occasionally come by a gem that still works properly.


Often we don’t need to replace consoles, especially if they still open and close. Usually, we spend time restoring its finishes and repairing any damages to the leather or vinyl as required. Sometimes, all it needs is a little TLC to get it looking new again.

Along with each of these areas, we also create custom tonneau covers, hoods and flooring, because all aspects of your car deserve to look great.

Quality Workmanship to Restore your Cars Interior

With many years of experience in the industry, we have seen how important it is to work at a high level to get the results that customers want. To repair and restore your car is only half the job, our commitment to developing sound practices at affordable prices for seamless results is just as essential. 

Our team will openly communicate with you while we transform your car interiors, to ensure that we gain results that you prefer and for the finishes to result in unmatched quality and unique to your vehicles.

Choose Eightyeight Detailing for Restoration of Your Car Interiors

By restoring the interiors of cars and taking them back to their former glory, we shape the future in our field and provide a comprehensive service that generates new ideas and inspired design. We also offer in-depth recommendations for improving your car’s interior, such as upgrading door panels, roof lining and leather upholstery.

If you’re looking for a restoration business that takes interior plastic parts and creates an unexpected transformation, Eightyeight detailing is the place of choice across Australia. We know that your class or muscle car isn’t complete without the interiors that are well functioning and looking their best. We know our trimmers and technicians can make this happen for you with our selection of modern tools, expertise, knowledge and experience for results that will fill you with pride.

If you want to see what we do in action, browse through our gallery where you will not only see some interior restoration results but a look at the results of our other services that we deliver to a high standard.

If you have any questions about getting the interior of your classic or muscle car restored and have decided we’re the best choice for you, we are happy to discuss your options, including your budget and begin the conversation about the vision for your project. You can contact us directly by phone at +61 404 888 869 or email. We look forward to giving your car the new life it deserves.