Experts in Car Paint Correction Sydney

When you’re looking for specialists in paint correction, Sydney, the Eightyeight Detailing team pays meticulous attention to removing imperfections from your vehicle. Many car owners use a paint correction service to expel swirl marks, remove blemishes and scratches, and restore damaged and dull paintwork.

Our car paint correction service not only works to refine your vehicle and restores the overall appearance, but by adding a ceramic coating, it can also act as a protective measure against further damage. 

After all, it’s not unusual for daily wear and tear to cause the need for a full paint correction over time, requiring the expertise of our workshop service. Learn more on how we deliver car paint correction Sydney motorists can rely on.

What We Can Offer with Our Car Paint Correction Service

When you choose Eightyeight Detailing for paint correction, we restore, rejuvenate and improve your car’s paint surface. 

These services undertake a detailed process where we use the latest equipment to remove contaminants and marks, including:

  • Paint oxidation
  • Damaged paintwork
  • Deep & light Scratches
  • Road tar
  • Water spots
  • Bird droppings
  • Swirl marks
  • And more


Although our paint correction services fix many issues on your car’s exterior, chips are not part of the process because they require a different technique to resolve them that’s often not used in paint correction services.

Our team is respected in the industry and works efficiently to finish your car within a day, depending on the condition of the existing paintwork. Additionally, our paint correction process is not just a ‘cut and machine polish’, but a complete solution to rid those deep scratches and refine fading colouring.

What’s the Difference Between Paint Correction & Car Detailing Services?

Paint correction services and car detailing are conducted using different techniques. While both improve aesthetics, a paint correction specialist focuses on rejuvenating your painted surface. 

When you undergo car detailing, our specialists look to get the perfect finish throughout the whole vehicle, from wheels to interiors. We might also choose to undertake additional solutions, including paint protection.

Benefits of Car Paint Correction Packages

When you undergo car paint correction services with Eightyeight Detailing, aside from removing swirl marks and scratches from your vehicle, there are two main benefits:

1. Longevity of the Paint

Debris, damage from abrasive polishes, dirt and general wear from use can all lead to corrosion and defects in your car’s exterior. When you eliminate these contaminants with the best paint correction solution and prevent them from returning with paint protection services, it leaves a smooth, lasting, high-gloss finish. As a result, this significantly improves the lifespan of the paintwork.

2. Resale Value

When your car is backed by high-quality workmanship and a glossy finish, you’re more likely to get a better resale price than a dull paint surface with imperfections. After paint correction solutions are applied, and you add a ceramic coating for further effectiveness, your vehicle will be ready for the market, drawing in a far better resale price.

Is Paint Correction Permanent?

It is a permanent method when we remove any paint defect and remove swirl marks using the best paint correction techniques, regardless of whether you have an old or new car. We recommend that you avoid using an automatic car wash to further safeguard your vehicle’s paint correction. 

How Costly is Paint Protection?

We offer competitive prices that fit within our client’s budgets. Prices vary depending on the size and condition of your vehicle, paint surfaces, and the work needed to rectify the damage. We spend a lot of time and quality materials on getting the results you’d expect from a professional crew, so we recommend speaking to our crew about a free quote. 

Our specialists will also consider your unique needs and provide a personalised price.

Who Are Your Paint Correction Sydney Specialists?

Paint correction is a detailed-driven service that requires highly skilled technicians to complete the task. Along with being qualified professionals, our paint correction specialists are also experts in applying ceramic coatings, car detailing, wheel repair and car interior restoration in Sydney.

Our crew undergo regular training on new techniques and are on point with new technologies that enable them to get your vehicle back to a picture-perfect finish. Throughout every step, our technicians deliver industry-leading services that give your car a new shine and the right level of protection.

Will Paint Correction Damage the Surface of Your Car?

When professionals like our crew at Eightyeight carry out car paint correction, they understand the depth and hardness of varying paint types. 

With this knowledge and modern technology, the whole job is carefully completed and with the utmost care. We allow you to leave your ride with our experts in confidence. 

What Type of Car Paint Correction in Sydney Does Your Car Need?

There are a couple of paint correction solutions your car will likely need, which usually depend on the level of scratches and other defects your ride has. If you’re dealing with light scratches and your car paint is in good condition, simple machine polishing can remove these. 

For more profound defects, oxidation and swirls, a machine polish isn’t enough. More time is needed to add a clear wax coat beyond other steps. Carrying all of these out means you’re given the best result possible.

Professional, Affordable & Reliable Car Paint Correction Services

When you choose Eightyeight Detailing in Sydney for your paint protection and correction services, you can be confident that we pay attention to every detail. 

Our crew are experts in getting your car to shine from wheels to the rooftop by removing swirls, scratches and other imperfections. With many factors that go into each detail of the polishing process, we work step-by-step through each stage, and your car doesn’t leave our garage until we’re confident it looks its best.

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For specialists in paint correction and paint protection in Sydney, our crew can transform your vehicles into the shiny, new-looking ride you’ve always wanted. From preparation to finish, our process is with your best interests in mind regardless of the colour, make or model you drive.

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