Experts in Wheel Repair Sydney

Whether you’ve hit the curb one too many times or your alloy wheels have sustained wear and tear, Eightyeight Detailing in Sydney is the best option for wheel repair services. As automotive enthusiasts, we know there’s nothing worse than bent rims and wheels not looking their best, especially when your vehicle is all class. The reality is that mag, steel, and alloy wheels don’t last a lifetime, and the reason they need repairing is not only for appearance, but to gain a better life-span.

Keeping your vehicle’s wheels in the best possible condition is integral to a smooth ride and the safety of all the passengers and other drivers on the road. Whether it’s a superficial mark or something deeper, our team of experts will have your alloy wheels repaired using quality materials and at an affordable price. You can trust our team to give you the best professional service across west and north Sydney.

Specialising in Mag & Alloy Wheel Repairs

Scratches, gutter rash, bent wheels, and cracked rims are common issues when you own a car. They’re also best left to an expert. Although some of these issues only cause cosmetic damage, rim repair is like fine art and requires the skill of professionals in the automotive field who have the right tools to do the job correctly the first time around.

We recommend getting any level of damage assessed as quickly as possible. This ensures you get back on Sydney roads sooner, without any risk.

Cosmetic Damage

It’s not uncommon for wheels to experience cosmetic damage, where scratches and scrapes leave marks from gutter rash. This often requires refinishing to get them back to more of their original condition. In most cases, our highly trained Sydney experts in wheel repair will fix these issues and know how to deliver the best possible service.

Structural Damage

While we aim to get your wheels back to their original condition, there are circumstances where this may not be possible. When the integrity of your rims has been compromised and needs heating, welding, straightening, and reshaping, it may not be possible to repair. However, as soon as you experience any structural concerns, we recommend reaching out to our team as quickly as possible

Signs You Need Wheel Repair in Sydney

While some damage to your alloys and mag wheels may be apparent, ignoring any signs of trouble can cause further issues with your wheels and rims. We recommend ringing for a free quote for what may be a quick repair or visiting us on-site if you experience any of the following signs of impairment:

Vibrating Steering Wheel

If you begin experiencing a vibrating steering wheel, it can mean that your alloy wheels are damaged and need repair. If left unattended, it can be hazardous and affect your braking force and acceleration frequency.

Uneven Tyre Wear

When your rims aren’t in the best shape, you’ll notice your tyres wearing unevenly. This will mean they need repairing, and while it could also mean that your car wheels need aligning, we recommend checking your rims first.

Strange Noises

If you’re driving throughout the streets of Sydney and your car is making strange noises that sound like grinding, this is a sign that your alloy wheels may require repairs. This type of noise usually occurs when your vehicle picks up speed, brakes, or turns and requires the attention of a professional to fix it.

Wheel Runout

When you hit a curb or your tyre is ageing, your wheel will run out, which means it’s not entirely round anymore. If left untreated, your wheels will deteriorate and affect the efficiency of your car and your comfort while driving.

Choose Eightyeight Detailing for Showroom Condition Tyres

When choosing Eightyeight Detailing in Sydney for your alloy wheel repairs, you can expect to receive high-quality service from our experienced technicians. We always aim to put safety first and get your car out on the road without any further repairs required. The guys on our team provide services that:

Enhance Performance

Regardless of the brand of wheels on your car, our guys can get them into good shape for an effortless and more balanced drive. Your drive across Sydney, whether for leisure or work, will be more enjoyable if engaging in a quality and professional service that removes scratches and scuffs.

Cheaper Repairs

Engaging in alloy wheel repair with our team is considerably less costly than replacing them all, especially if you seek our assistance soon after an issue occurs. We work by cost-effectively delivering our services without compromising quality.

Improve Appearance

When repairing and restoring your alloy, steel, or mag wheels, your enhanced driving experience is because of better stability, and your car will have a look that will be the envy of others. Keeping your wheels looking their best enhances the resale value of your vehicle.

Choose Our Sydney Workshop for Quality Services

When you want the flawless look of well-maintained mag wheels or rims, you can be confident that Eightyeight Detailing uses innovative techniques and technology-forward tools that allow us to complete our jobs affordably. Before undertaking any work on your alloy wheel, our crew assesses the damage and discusses with you how we can move forwards with your rim repair.

We recognise that to drive on Sydney roads safely, the whole car must work well, especially your wheel, so we pay attention to every repair aspect and ensure you have all the details needed. Our goal is not only to repair or replace if required, but for your vehicles, no matter their models, to look great on the road.

If you need wheels repaired, we welcome you to call into our workshop or contact us to book an appointment. If you want to see more of what we do and love cars, we invite our customers to visit our Facebook and other social media accounts.