Ceramic Coating Services

Searching for ways to improve the integrity of your vehicle’s paint surface? It might be time to try paint correction and ceramic coating. At Eightyeight Detailing, our crew use only quality products made from some of the finest quartz and sand to keep paint defects away for good.

Paint correction removes those imperfections, and when your car is ceramic coated, it helps protect your paint job. It means your car’s exterior will have a glossy shine and add extreme durability that it hadn’t had previously. 

We know you only want the best for your ride, so we have built a solid reputation for delivering the finest results that make cleaning easy and protect your car from the elements.

How Ceramic Coatings Work

Applying a ceramic coating to your car’s body works by the paint protection bonding to your car’s paintwork. The results will be long-lasting and unremovable from other chemicals when done correctly. 

The ceramic coating creates hydrophobic layers, meaning the car’s surface will repel water and dirt, making it look cleaner for longer. Paint correction removes light scratches and stone chips, amongst other issues, from your car’s body. A ceramic coating is applied to the surface for an added level of protection to the exterior of your vehicle, along with being water-repellant.

Benefits of Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

There are many benefits to treating your entire vehicle with a ceramic coating, including the following:

  • Slows down the oxidation process caused by UV rays
  • Safeguards the vehicle against faded paint damage by adding a barrier
  • Prevents dirt and other surface blemishes from coating and bonding with the car
  • Leaves a shine for aesthetics and appeal
  • A cost-effective choice because it eliminates the need for traditional wax and other products

The Ceramic Paint Protection Process

When adding a top layer of ceramic paint protection to your car’s factory paint, there are important factors and prep work that ensure it adheres properly and has the right finish. The multiple stages we follow include:

Step 1: Remove Stubborn Stains

Getting rid of any dirt, grime, or water spots causing staining or sticking to your car’s exterior is essential. These are often unseen to the eye and require a clay bar for successful removal. 

Step 2: Cut & Polish the Car Paint

The paint’s surface is cut and polished to smooth it out and make sure it will stick to the car like super glue. The next step is removing any grease, and then we add the coating to strengthen your vehicle.

Step 3: Applying Ceramic Coating

The surface is sealed and refined with a ceramic coating finish. Our technicians carefully apply it to create a protective gloss finish. 

Step 4: Cure the Ceramic Coating

For the next 24 hours, garaging your ride is essential because ceramic coatings require protection from rain and other elements for curing. Protecting it from the elements gives the ceramic paint protection time for chemical bonding, along with avoiding a car wash for at least two weeks, so it gains maximum gloss.

Myths Surrounding Your Ceramic Car Coating

When you apply ceramic coating to your car’s paint, you know you’re making the right decision because of the many benefits stated above. However, sometimes consumers are misinformed as to the level of its limitations, so we’ve busted a few unrealistic expectations about its performance.

Myth 1: Never wash your car again

One of the most misunderstood beliefs surrounding what a ceramic coating offers is that your car’s paint never needs washing again. The truth is that this significant layer helps keep your vehicle cleaner for longer and requires less cleaning.

While it is an environmentally friendly product because you use less water to clean your ride, it’s still exposed to the elements – UV rays, dirt, bird droppings, and more and will need cleaning occasionally. 

Myth 2: Ceramic coatings are permanent

Choosing a ceramic paint protection package for your car will create a permanent bond to your car, but it isn’t really “permanent” as, over time, environmental factors such as salt, dirt, pollutants, and washing your car will break down the paint protection film.

In reality, everything has a life expectancy, and when you apply a ceramic coating, it may last five or more years, but it isn’t permanent as such. 

Myth 3: A ceramic protective layer is scratch proof

Perhaps one of the biggest myths surrounding a clear coat of ceramic paint protection packages is that they’re scratch-proof and resistant to rock chips. This is false because, unless you wrap your ride in a bubble and store it away, fine scratches and swirl marks will appear from improper washing, a tree branch, or hundreds of other ways.

While the protective coating does help prevent scratches, especially with good maintenance, it doesn’t stop them from happening altogether. 

Make Your Car Free of Swirl Marks
with Professional Ceramic Coatings

Although many single-stage paint correction and traditional car wax DIY solutions exist, success is more achievable when using a professional service. By choosing an experienced crew like us here at Eightyeight, your car is in the right hands. Our technicians undertake these types of tasks – which are more than polishing and adding gloss to your vehicle – on a daily basis.

Get Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection
with Eightyeight Detailing

A professional ceramic coating and paint correction for your vehicle means you’re adding a significant layer that dries as a clear coat to your ride for ongoing paint protection. It’s a smart choice whether you love cars or see them as a means of getting from point A to B. 

At Eightyeight Detailing, we treat each job with respect, whether it’s for ceramic coatings or you need wheel repair. We have built our reputation on delivering quality finishes and avoiding cheap products in favour of high-end and genuine parts and coatings for cars that visit our workshops. 

If you need a coating applied or are looking for ways to rid your ride of small scratches and other damage, contact our crew, make an appointment, and experience expert service and advice.