Wheel Repair Near Me

The damage alloy wheels sustain while driving on Sydney roads can be incalculable, from gutter rash to scratches and surface marks. 

We know that feeling of dread when you hear that sound of scratching, commonly referred to as rim damage. Fortunately, this type of hardship to your mag and alloy wheels can be repaired using various techniques to give them new life. 

Car wheels come in various materials, surfaces, metals and constructs, including painted wheels, powder-coated, chrome-plated and pure alloy. Each of these requires varying processes and time spent on repair.

When you’re looking for highly professional technicians who can undertake quality repairs for your alloy wheels, choose the team at Eightyeight Detailing. Our Technicians are experts in their field and can undertake rim repair on your wheels, paying attention to detail through every part of the process.

With pride, our technicians showcase their ability to fix your wheels using the latest technologies, with a quick turnaround so you can get back on the road. From superficial scratches to ingrained marks, our team treats each job with the same efficiency and respect regardless of how big or small the issues are.

Why Your Vehicle Needs Alloy Wheel Repairs

While we know appearance is essential to car enthusiasts, especially those with high-end vehicles or classics. When your alloy or mag wheels begin to malfunction, as all do at some stage, you will start feeling the effects – strange noises and vibrations among the common sign something isn’t right.

While we recommend getting your rims repaired or checked before experiencing any ‘symptoms’, there are common reasons why they need fixing.

Rim Runout

Your driving will be impaired when your rims aren’t looking their standard round shape, possibly from hitting a curb or improper installation. This issue must be rectified quickly to stop the deterioration of your alloy wheels. 


Steering Wheel Vibration

Are you experiencing steering wheel vibration? This is a sure sign your wheels have experienced damage. Without getting your mag wheels and alloy’s repaired, it can affect your acceleration and brakes.

Unusual Noises

If your car begins making unusual noises, especially not one you’ve heard before, it’s likely to be that your alloy wheels require repair. Usually, in this circumstance, it’s a fairly straightforward repair.

Uneven Wear on Tyre

When your tyres are wearing eventually, this is a sign your rims aren’t doing their job accurately and need to be repaired. While tyres wear unevenly for other reasons, we recommend getting your rims checked first.

If you experience any of these issues, we recommend contacting the Eightyeight Detailing team as soon as you notice a concern for the best outcomes for alloy wheel repairs. Getting your vehicle to a wheel repairer sooner means a better chance of getting back on the road more quickly.

How Do You Get Damaged Wheels Repaired in Sydney?

Never compromise on quality services when you get your alloy wheel repair managed by Eightyeight detailing. While it’s not always possible to fix every mag or alloy wheel knowing you have sought out a place committed to quality workmanship, you can feel confident that your ride will be safe.

We take various steps to get your alloy and mag wheel repairs completed, starting with an inspection of the issue and then working on choosing the best solutions moving forward. Our team communicates their techniques which change depending on the material your rims are made from.

These processes can be anything from needing to be painted, polished or machined; whatever the requirements may be, we work to help you avoid replacing the whole wheel. Alloy wheel repair is ideal as a money-saving measure, and we are the only smart choice within the Sydney region.

3 Reasons to Repair Your Wheels with Eightyeight Detailing

Cheaper to repair

The cost of getting your existing wheels repaired is considerably lower than the cost of buying brand-new wheels, particularly alloys and mags. In general, depending on the type of damage you have, it’s undoubtedly the most cost-effective option if they can be repaired and still have plenty of tread.


At Eightyeight Detailing, we understand the importance of driving performance, especially regarding safety on the road. If your vehicle’s wheels are in good shape, you will be able to experience a smoother, more secure, and more balanced drive, making your daily commute and road trip more enjoyable.


In restoring mag wheels or alloys for your high-end or classic vehicle, you’re preventing damage caused by exposure to the elements and maintaining the showroom condition you want for your car. By keeping your wheels in pristine condition and managing any cosmetic damage, you will also have a better chance of reselling them at a high price.


Prestige Facilities for Leading Wheel Repairers

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  • Expert technicians
  • Affordable services
  • Free quote
  • Innovative techniques
  • Technology forward
  • Saving you time
  • Quality tools

Choose Eightyeight Detailing for Quality Workmanship

If you are looking for technicians that deliver quality finishes for flawless rim repairs, you cannot look past our expertise and commitment to you and your car. Your mag wheel repairs and alloy wheel repairs will be a quality finish every time because we believe every vehicle should get five-star treatment, whatever issues it’s facing.

As Sydney’s leading detailers and wheel repairers, our technicians assess all damage before using their expertise to repair even the more severe issues you’re facing, such as deep gashes. We discuss your options with you in the unfortunate situation where alloy wheel repairs aren’t possible because the damage is irreparable.

Every part of your car must perform well on the road and be taken care of, especially your wheels, so you can be confident we complete the job correctly the first time to ensure your alloy wheels look great and operate safely.

Using cost-effective and technology forward methods, the performance of your car can be restored when eliminating gutter rash and gashes on all your wheels. For more information on how we can maintain and manage the superb quality of your wheels, contact us at Eightyeight detailing for exceptional customer service.