Professional Car Restoration Services

Whether you’re a first-time classic car enthusiast or have been a long time collector, by now, you know the importance of getting your vehicle modified or restored by our team of passionate Sydney technicians. When you take the time to ensure your vehicle looks its best, whether this is a new or classic car, it won’t go unnoticed out on the road.

Regardless of the age of your vehicle, the durability of your car is dependent on restoration and maintenance in a timely manner. Cars decay over time if not well maintained, especially when minor scratches go unnoticed and parts go unchecked. As a specialised team in car restoration, we have all the right equipment to manage any repair work that needs to be undertaken, and we do so at competitive prices.

For every classic car, hot rod or modern vehicle that comes through our garage doors, you can be confident that it will get the best treatment with a result you can take pride in. Our customers can expect transformative outcomes when our professionals personalise their service to get the detail and showroom shine your car deserves.

Planning Your Classic Car Restoration

Owning a vintage or classic car is a dream of many; however, they usually are bought in a state of needing a makeover. When they’re looking their best, a classic car turns heads. We understand that car restoration is a decidedly delicate project because we not only need to restore your ride to its original condition but often, especially with a classic vehicle, it is a project that a lot of time and money has gone into. 

When planning your classic car restoration, we recommend you clearly understand what level of repair you want our team to undertake, whether having genuine parts is essential, and if you plan on undertaking any of the project yourself. By making a plan, you and our team clearly understand a starting point and how the restoration will continue to get the car back to its former glory.

While it may seem like you may only need to repair a little here and there to get it up to scratch, there are many time-consuming processes involved. Steps typically include disassembly, paint removal, cleaning or replacing rusted nuts, panel fabrication, protective coatings, and so much more. This is why planning is an essential part of the restoration process.

When engaging a team of professionals, such as the Eightyeight Detailing technicians, you likely want to hand over the entire project to them, given their expertise; however, we know that some classic car enthusiasts like to be involved, too. Your car can be restored more seamlessly by knowing your limits and planning out what you want to do, and by keeping in control of what is handed over to the specialists. Without proper planning, you’re likely to lose sight of the end goal, enjoy the process less and end up in a situation where your car – new or old –  doesn’t get the finish you wanted.

Eightyeight Detailing - Your Professional Car Restoration Workshop

As your professional car restoration specialists, the team at Eightyeight detailing know the importance of giving vehicles the quality finishes they deserve. Whether we’re working on a hot rod, a vintage Lamborghini or your current modern model, we extend the same level of care for all makes and models. Along with complete restoration, simple spray painting and rust repairs, we also provide the following services:

Panel Repair

Whether it’s a complete panel repair you require or simple paintless dent removal, our auto technicians use specialty tools to get the body of your current or classic car back into shape and ready to ride.

Car Paint Protection

Once we have the body of your restoration project in shape, we add a paint protection coating to shield it from further environmental impact and minor scratching.


We’ve got your interiors covered with quality finishes and added protection for ongoing use from minor to significant upholstery restoration.


We restore all interior parts to give it back the vibrancy that it once knew – dashboards, steering wheel, carpet floors, etc.

Custom Restorations Using Technology-Forward Applications

As part of the professional and quality service Eightyeight Detailing delivers, we treat each customer and their vehicle as individual as they are. Whether it’s your dream car, an inherited classic or your current ride that gets you to and from work each day, we believe in being up-to-date with modern technologies to get the best outcomes. With the right equipment for your job, our Sydney crew can undertake any classic car restoration, rust repairs, spray painting, wiring, body repair, and so much more.

Eightyeight Detailing for All Your Car Restorations

As a leading Sydney car detailing service, we also specialise in bringing your vehicle, classic or otherwise, back to its original condition. We take the worry out of restoring your dents, damaged exteriors and interiors, rusted parts and protecting them from the elements with paint protection.

We are leaders in our field who believe in delivering only the best, most cost-effective car restoration services. Every job matters to us; whether it’s a full-service makeover or a partial classic car restoration, we work hard to repair and restore your vehicle with equipment that seamlessly completes the task.

Our team are car enthusiasts themselves, so we take pride in every car restoration that we have the privilege to work on. Our customers know that they will be driving away with a safe, well-maintained and restored car. With the varied experience of our team, you can expect the finishes to be durable with a superior shine for long-lasting driving capabilities.

If you’re looking to elevate your dream car and make the modifications needed for it to look as good as new, we have everything you need for inspired design and application. Visit us at our Sydney workshop or ask us how our specialists will use suitable materials and equipment to ensure optimal results.