Expert Motorbike Detailing for a Smooth Ride

There’s nothing better than feeling the hearty grunt of a well-maintained motorbike as you hightail it out on the open road. Well, nothing better than knowing your wheels have received a deep clean and full detail.

The crew at Eightyeight Detailing treat motorbike detailing as an art form as we know how essential it is that your cruiser is thoroughly examined and cleaned (especially throughout the intricate areas) for an endlessly smooth ride.

Washing your bike down will only get rid of surface dirt and isn’t enough to keep it in a shiny and optimally functioning condition. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a serious club rider, your bike requires attention a couple of times a year to maintain its state or repair, and we are the team to do this for you.

Get The Best From Your Ride With Motorbike Detailing

When you bring your cruiser to Eightyeight for detailing, we know your motorbike has seen exposure to environmental pollutants, including dust, dirt, bugs, and grease. Even if it’s been sitting in a garage, the bike is at the mercy of the elements more than a car because it doesn’t have the same type of protection – doors, panels, roof, dashboard, etc.

It can be easy to overlook your cruiser’s needs, but our team knows the importance of keeping your motorbike running smoothly. 

These are just four of the many reasons why you should detail your motorcycle:


1. Expand the Life of Your Cruiser

A motorcycle can be an affordable, accessible, sustainable, and flexible form of transport when well looked after. When undergoing regular and thorough detailing to remove dust and dirt, the engine is kept free from debris, giving your ride the potential to last longer, free from deterioration and damage.

2. Keeps Its Showroom Shine

There is something extraordinary about motorcycling in Australia,  cruising down the wide streets, turning heads as you ride your Harley or Honda that shines with pride. The perfect motorcycle isn’t only about aesthetics; when it glistens on the road, it’s a sight to behold.

3. Find Potential Issues Sooner

Motorbike detailing is thorough and inspects every aspect of your bike. Aside from keeping it clean, it protects the integrity of your motorcycle by finding leaks or other issues on inspection before they become more than a cosmetic concern.

4. Increase Resale Value

Just as your vehicle does when it undergoes professional car detailing, the value of your motorcycle increases when it undergoes regular detailing. A buyer is more likely to spend money on a bike if you’ve done a fantastic job caring for it by undergoing detailing using the right tools and services.

The Motorbike Detailing Process

At Eightyeight Detailing, we use fundamental principles to ensure every detail is spot on and that the job does more than just clean the surface. We detail all makes and models by hand and undertake the following processes for the best results.

Inspecting Your Bike

Our first steps for motorbike detailing are inspecting it to determine:

  • Type and model
  • If there are any matte surfaces
  • The location of unpainted plastics
  • If there’s an air filter exposed
  • If there’s rust
  • Any other relevant components.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to become familiar with our customers’ rides, as each is always different.


After inspection, we give you an obligation-free quote before beginning any work. From there, we ensure that any exposed filters are covered and get the bike into the correct position on its stand, ready for detailing.

Degrease & Wash

Washing your motorcycle removes bugs, dirt, and dust from the tyres and frame and degreases the chain. We also deep clean the engine to remove grime from being out on the road.

Attention to Detail

We pay thorough attention to every detail of your ride to add shine. It’s done by:

  • Polishing your controls, dash, and fuel tank
  • Applying wax
  • Removing stains & rust
  • Treating the leather seats
  • And more.

Clay Bar the Bike 

When adding a protective coating to your motorcycle, a clay bar will lift contamination off the bike for a smooth surface. 

Add Protection

Just as you would add car paint protection, adding a coating to your motorcycle will help keep it from easily scratching and retaining swirls. It should be applied to all painted areas – tanks, body panels, and fairings.

Why Should Your Motorcycle Be Professionally Detailed?

An essential part of owning a motorcycle is keeping up with regular, professional detailing. 

With a professional seeing the details of your chrome surfaces, there is less chance of something going wrong, such as corrosion, loose parts, or a grease build-up. They will also protect the finishes using specific tools and equipment not readily available to an enthusiast. 

If you choose DIY, like with car detailing, safety is paramount. Since detailing isn’t a simple job of wiping your wheels over with a cloth, leaving the task to professionals is the more secure option. 

How Long Does Motorbike Detailing Take?

While a motorcycle may seem less complicated than a car, detailing can still take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. Aspects that affect the time spent getting the finish right will depend on the size and condition of the bike.

Get Your Motorbike Ride Ready With Eightyeight Detailing

From tyres to tanks and wheels to handlebars, keeping your motorcycle in excellent shape is made easy with regular cleaning and detailing by a professional crew.

Investing in expert services can provide your pride and joy with the desired showroom shine. You’ll drive confidently, knowing your engine is clear of pollutants and has been properly detailed by the Eightyeight Detailing crew.

With the knowledge and skills of our expert crew and a wide range of other services for all kinds of vehicles, such as wheel repair and paint protection, we are the right location for all your detailing needs.

We are a reputable service who are meticulous from the beginning to the end of detailing your ride. Discover how we take a tailored approach to give your motorcycle the finish it deserves by contacting us and getting a free quote.