Paintless Dent Removal Sydney

Are you looking for someone to carry out paintless dent removal on your car with little interruption to your day? At Eightyeight Detailing in Sydney, our skilled technicians are professionals in auto body shop repairs, including removing small dents. You can expect our repairs to bring your car back to its original form, whether a BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Mini Cooper or any other prestige make or model.

There is value in having a team with the right tools to repair your vehicle back to its factory finish. You can rely on our crew to do the job with utmost care because they have the knowledge and skills to do the job right the first time. Plus, we find our local customers appreciate the many benefits of our paintless dent removal services in Sydney, especially because they receive same-day service that’s quick and affordable without compromising quality results.

Understanding Paintless Dent Repair

While it might seem nearly impossible to achieve, paintless dental removal Sydney services like ours are non-invasive procedures that remove dents, usually smaller in size –  although, the process can be used for some larger ones. This eliminates the need to take the whole panel off your car or disturb the original paintwork. While you may think it’s a relatively new procedure, this automotive technique has been used for at least 40 years, but is only now becoming more common.


Paintless dent repair is used as an alternative to conventional methods where you also need to respray the panel, which ends up being time-consuming and costly. However, our technicians may need to use a dent removal procedure while also repainting, if the repair isn’t fully possible using this method. At your initial inspection, we will determine the complexity of your job and the best route to take.


Is My Case Eligible For Paintless Dent Removal?

Most customers ask us if their dent is suitable for paintless dental removal in our Sydney workshop. Our answer is that 80-90% of dents can be removed using this method. Dent removal is often used for hail damage repair, supermarket trolley dings and other small or big dents inflicted by the elements. These are usually relatively minor and can be massaged out using the dent repair method. As a whole, as long as there isn’t any major damage and there aren’t any complex dings, we can complete the job for you seamlessly.

Why Use Our Quality Paintless Dent Removal Services in Sydney

Paintless dent removal is beneficial for many that want a quick fix that never compromises quality for an original factory finish. There are many benefits of using this repair service within Australia, while retaining the original paint finish.  Whether you’ve damaged a prestige vehicle or your everyday family car, you will find this more professional solution to be:


Compared to traditional panel beating, paintless dent repair costs considerably less. Prices will vary depending on the damage sustained; however, since the panel won’t require removing or respraying, you’re saving significantly.


By using paintless dental removal, you won’t be left waiting for weeks for repair, unlike other bodywork methods. Most often completed within a day, it is the faster choice for dent repair in the automotive industry without compromising a professional finish or a quality service.

Retain factory paint finish

If the paint isn’t broken from the damage to your vehicle, we can retain your prestige vehicle’s original factory finish. With an eye for detail and skilled technicians, this is a less invasive technique for our team, compared to traditional panel beating.

Shape Memory

Using this technique, dents often easily “pop” back into form because the metal has shape memory, meaning it wants to retain its original condition. When a car is manufactured, parts are stamped into shapes and will move and maintain their structural integrity with heat.

Environmentally Friendly

For those wanting to lower their carbon footprint, this technique means less toxic fumes from paint because the process relies on physics –  pulling and pushing.

Providing Superior Repairs With Professional Solutions

When undertaking the repair process for your damaged car in Sydney, you can expect that we will take your vehicle through the following procedure:

  • Assess the damaged area:

Like all our services, we look at the damage to assess the dents and scratches that need repairing. This will include thoroughly checking the size and location of the dent and whether the paint is cracked or not.

  • Preparation:

Assessment takes place next to determine whether paintless dent repair is suitable for the damage sustained to your car. The area is then prepared, including assessing whether any lights or panels need removing around the damaged area to access the rear of the dent.

  • Choose specialised tools:

Our technicians choose the right tools for the job that enable precision repair and get your vehicle back to its factory finish.

  • Massage the area:

As a final process, technicians will remove the dent by compressing the area and massaging the damage back into its original condition. This is a meticulous process that requires precise and slow pressure. 

Although this procedure sounds relatively simple, DIY isn’t recommended for this type of repair. Such a task requires the expertise of skilled technicians and tools that detailers have on hand that protect the surface of the dented area. If you don’t have expertise in paintless dent removal, you can cause more damage than intended.

Put Your Car Dent Removal Needs in Our Skilled Hands

Compared to more traditional methods for dent repair, paintless dent repairs are less invasive and require less time and money to complete. As with all our detailing services, we only use methods that deliver quality and excellent service, and are the best solution for the vehicle.

Our team will transform your ride, whether it’s a significant dent, a little ding, or you’ve hit your panels with the supermarket trolley one too many times. Regardless of the value of your car, the end result is always achieved by a professional team who takes pride in using technology forward techniques with good old fashion service. 

We have a workshop ready for any automotive situation and a team with specialised and long experience in the field. From start to finish, you can expect your door dings to be taken care of precisely, and our revered Sydney team openly communicates what is required to achieve an original factory finish.

Our garage doors are always open and welcome anyone who requires car dent removal or other services in Sydney. Visit us onsite or contact our team for more information on our automotive services and a more professional result for your small and large dents.