Elevate Your Ride With Rust Removal Car Restoration

It’s not uncommon for vintage and classic cars to bare metal and have some visible rust in need of repair.  The same can occur with newer models, when scratches and dents cause damage to the paint, and small rust spots appear, leading to further corrosion.


A rusty car is a problem no one wants. It happens when the metal underneath the paint – be it iron, steel, or aluminium – gets wet and traps moisture, further reacting with oxygen to create ‘rust’. With the help of the qualified technicians at Eightyeight Detailing and their specialised tools and materials, you can take advantage of full rust removal car restoration services and have your vehicle looking brand new once more.

Is Full Rust Repair Essential?

As a car owner, keeping your ride in working order is essential to prolong its useful life. Failing to avoid a chemical reaction like rust – or at least removing an affected area of corrosion – can lead to a bigger problem as it spreads and eats away at your vehicle.

The risk will largely depend on the metal found within your vehicle. Depending on the thickness and environment, exposed iron, steel and aluminium will rust at varying rates. Still, if left unattended, they will continue to erode and affect the integrity of your vehicle. You will likely send your car to an early grave without intervention.

What Causes Rusty Cars?

There are many different reasons why rust repair and restoration is necessary, such as:

  • Age: Even though there’s no set time when your car will start to rust, the quality will get worse with time, especially on older, frequently driven cars.
  • Climate: Regular exposure to moisture – snow, rain, and sleet — causes the oxidation of metals. A mixture of heat and humidity can also contribute to the issue, as well as when you come into contact with the salt used on icy roads or at beaches. 
  • Driving locations: Keeping your car rust-free is easier when you’re not offroading or driving through puddles. While it’s not always possible, sticking to sealed roads lessens the chance of needing rust repair as there is less exposure to dirty water and dust, which creates a cloudy film over the car.

What are the Different Types of Car Rust?

When your car rusts, it can affect your ride. It manifests itself in several ways, including:

  • Surface rust: It hasn’t started spreading yet and is usually hiding under dents and scrapes on the metal panels of your car.
  • Penetrating rust: This is a problematic and deep type of rust that needs immediate repair.
  • Scale rust: When surface rust is left untreated, the metal on your vehicle’s body affects structural integrity.

Where Automobile Rust Usually Forms

Your vehicle can experience rust issues across many different areas. Regularly checking the following areas will help you assess the scope of rust repair necessary before the problem becomes too large:

  • Doors: These gain a lot of moisture inside and outside of their panels.
  • The exhaust: The exhaust traps a coating of dirt and mud and exposes the pipe to water, which has a greater chance of rust.
  • Windscreen: It’s likely the last place you think to check for deterioration of metal, but the windscreens gather a lot of water from rain and humidity, making them more vulnerable over time. 
  • Wheel: Older cars made without arch liners have a greater chance of rusting than newer vehicles. The liners create a curtain to stop the build-up of moisture and dirt.
  • Suspension: Being near the wheels means the area gets covered in dirt and dampness, making your suspension more susceptible and needing rust repair.

Give Your Lamborghini the 5 Star Treatment It Deserves

Is it time to give your Lamborghini the treatment it deserves? By engaging the services of our professional Sydney team you can be confident that they will see to every detail in a professional and safe manner.

Our dedicated team treat every Lamborghini that comes through our workshop as individual as it is, getting the best results and protection you expect when driving such a vehicle.  We are precise in our delivery of services, from the tyres to your bumper, windows and leather seats. 

The great benefit of engaging the services of our Sydney team is they go through each detail with you and help you choose which package is right for your vehicle. Whether it includes complete detailing or you’re just looking to prevent scratches with paint protection film, we will take you step-by-step through each process and product use.

The workshop is filled with the best-detailing equipment and we make use of the best technologies to ensure first-rate care is taken of your Lamborghini. Our emphasis is on using quality products that offer the greatest protection for your vehicle.

Our reputable technicians believe in open communication and will share with your the services you require to give your top-end vehicle the care it needs. The detailing process is done with the aim to protect and preserve the surfaces for the longevity of the use of the car. 

If you’re ready to give your Lamborghini the five-star treatment it deserves, contact us on 0404 888 869 or pop by our Sydney workshop at 14 Davis Rd, Wetherill Park NSW and chat with our detailing team.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs the Removal of Rust Repair

You’re likely to notice if rust is affecting the seal of your paint surface or other aspects of your car, such as your doors, windscreen and exhaust, by the following anomalies:

  • Bubbling paint: If your paint has begun to bubble, it’s a sign that air and water have gathered underneath and require rust repairs.
  • Patchy paint: Stripes and spots on your metal surface and car panels indicate that the original painted surface is experiencing problems.
  • Body damage: Chips and dents left untreated are likely to rust and require attention. sparkling former glory.

Our Surface Rust Repairs Process

One of our areas of speciality at Eightyeight Detailing is a solid solution for fully removing rust and restoring your ride. When a customer brings their vehicle to our crew, and after we’ve done an inspection of each panel and other areas prone to issues, our usual approach consists of the following:

  • Before we start: The vehicle must undergo a wash down before we start any steps to ensure it’s clean.  
  • Sanding: We sand down all the rust to ensure that each panel is in good shape and won’t get worse. 
  • Rust treatment: We add a treatment to the rusted areas to help avoid further damage and water seeping.
  • Repair: We remove the affected areas entirely and ensure new metal panels are welded into place where needed. After a technician welds this section, we apply a body filler to create a smooth surface ready to paint.
  • Paint: Our last step is to complete a spray paint finish that gives your exterior durability to avoid further issues and a shine for aesthetics.

Why Choose Eightyeight Detailing To Remove Rust

When you want the best results from a professional team, look no further than the crew at Eightyeight Detailing. With years of experience in the automotive industry, we have undertaken varying services to transform cars’ functionality. We can repair your vehicle’s body to make it look better and be free from rust for greater usability.

Whether you have a thin layer of rust developing or it has already significantly impacted your car panel or beyond, we can handle anything from simple rust repair to something more complex.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the tools and materials to fix rust repair to a high standard and at a low cost, along with staying on top of technologies that provide your ride with ongoing protection.

If you need rust repair today, talk to us for a free, no-obligation quote and have your ride repaired in no time.thetics.