Vintage Car Restoration

One of the main drawbacks classic car lovers struggle with is how time-consuming the restoration process can be and how a high-level finish is less likely without professional tools and equipment. At Eightyeight detailing, car restoration is our passion, and we are well-skilled at bringing your ride back to its former glory, protecting it from further damage as it ages. 

Our crew understands each vintage car is like a piece of art, both unique and timeless. It has a story to tell, and we have the time and expertise to get the performance you desire for your vehicle. If you’re considering seeking assistance with transforming your car, consider what Eightyeight can do for you.

Our Vintage Car Restoration Services

When it comes to classic and vintage cars, the restoration process is key to maintaining the vehicle’s value and originality. Whether you’re planning to sell your car or keep it in the family for generations, a professional restoration service can help you achieve your goal.

When restoring a vintage car, there are many different elements to factor in. We offer a variety of ways to improve the body of your vehicle and keep it running well, such as:

1. Graphene or ceramic coating

An essential aspect of restoring vintage vehicles is to protect your car with a graphene coating or ceramic coatings. It’s the “next generation” of future-proofing your car against contaminants such as bird poo or tree sap, regardless of age. 

2. Repairing panels

In addition, we undertake panel repair using a less invasive paintless dent removal technique in circumstances where the dents aren’t too deep as part of the restoration process. We not only use this method for classic vehicles but also for any brand-new car that needs professional dent removal.

3. Add interior protection

From your dashboard to leather seats, we add a protective layer to interior surfaces to keep them long-lasting, free of scratches, and your ride looking its best. We protect every surface of the inside of your car.

4. Restore upholstery

We fix the upholstery in your classic vehicle so it looks like it did when first made. This completes the restoration of your car and gives you a finish that is true to the era of your vintage ride.

5. Window tinting

Adding a window tint to your vintage car windows can help further protect the interior of your ride by shielding it from the harsh Australian sun, making it a more comfortable drive during the summer months.

Plan Your New Car Restoration

For every job that comes through our workshop, your professional detailer will make a plan to restore your ride to its original showroom condition as closely as possible. The age and state of the car will impact the final result, and we will discuss the different types of options that are best for you. 

During the planning stage, we discuss how much of the restoration you want our team to undertake, and we give you a quote for the cost of your desired outcome.

car restoration

Is Car Paint Protection Worth Undertaking?

Paint protection is one of our core service options because it’s a clear coat that offers old and new cars the best ongoing protection for their exterior. The coating technology makes the surface of the vehicle last longer, repels water, and is easy to apply, along with protecting against the effects of:

  • Bird droppings
  • Stone chips
  • DIrt
  • Water spots
  • Dust
  • Sun

It keeps your vintage car cleaner for longer and is low maintenance for ongoing care, making it an environmentally friendly choice and, without a doubt, worth undertaking. 

No One Size Fits All Approach

At Eightyeight Detailing, we understand that vintage cars come in all shapes and sizes and will have their own unique requirements. For example, while some vehicles have rust problems, others may need spray paint, new tyres, or other exterior work. 

For this reason, our work is specific to your requirements to ensure quality finishes and respect for the paintwork and vintage of the car.

Custom Car Restoration & Paint Protection Using Modern Technology

When the Eightyeight Detailing team works to preserve your vehicle’s paintwork and other surfaces, we use tools and processes that are technologically advanced and save time and money for our customers. 

We believe that classic cars deserve to be restored to their very best condition so they can shine at car shows, have protection from the elements, and turn heads when out on the road. To achieve those results, investing in modern technology ensures a faster pace for restoration without compromising on the authenticity of the finished result.

Professional Detailing for Complete Restoration

As professional detailers, we can fix up your car by giving it a thorough cleaning. This includes getting dirt out of the engine and other essential parts for running the vehicle effectively. Detailing isn’t only for a new vehicle fresh from the car dealer, as many consumers believe, but it can also give new life to some of the oldest rides when conducted by an experienced crew. 

As problem solvers, getting a thorough look at a vehicle before undertaking any restoration will enable any hurdles to be noted and added to the plan, while guarding the project’s integrity.

Eightyeight Detailing Knows Vintage Cars

For helpful advice and everything you need to get the best restoration work on your vintage car, you can expect a high level of service from our professional crew. Whether you’re restoring your car for business or pleasure, we deliver high-quality results as a team that knows how to fix everything from the engine to the exterior panels.

Our fully qualified crew delivers excellence in their artistry and ensures transparent communication while we meet your goals. All work is done using high-quality methods to keep its structure and initial build integrity.

Find out how we can start the restoration of your vintage car by giving us a call on 0404 888 869 or contact us online.