Car Paint Protection Near Me

There is nothing better than a factory-fresh finish on your car, especially as it ages. Driving a vehicle covered in bird droppings, scratches, tree sap, bug splatter, and swirl marks will leave lasting damage if not cared for adequately. When you invest in protecting your painted surfaces, you not only feel like you have a brand-new vehicle, but the graphene ceramic paint protection helps keep the exterior cleaner and looks fantastic.

With such a high-end product that gives a factory clear coat, it’s a flexible solution that has long-term affordability, especially compared to previous practices to protect the vehicle’s outer coating. The performance of graphene paint protection means you’ll leave behind the superficial marks and scratches and enjoy the freedom you get from bringing your ride to Eightyeight Detailing for excellent customer service and product application.

High-Performance Paint Protection Products

At Eightyeight Detailing, we use graphene ceramic coating for paint protection for your car’s paintwork. Considered the ‘next generation’ in ceramic pro-technology, future-proofing your car has never been easier and is a step above the rest when it comes to other paint protection products.

Graphene ceramic coating does a fantastic job of being durable and providing the best protection for your new car. Its ingredients are high performance and based on technology designed to have a permanent adhesion. While similar to a regular ceramic coating, graphene uses nanotechnology to bond to your new car paint as a material that is one of the strongest and thinnest on earth. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

There is a reason why the Eightyeight Detailing team encourages our clients to use a protection package for their cars. Apart from enjoying the high gloss finish, you will always feel like you have that new car feeling, because interior protection is important as well And when your paintwork looks its best, you’re not only bound to turn heads but will also experience the many benefits:

Chemical resistance

The level of protection that graphene ceramic pro gives your ride can reduce scratches and stains received from environmental toxins such as bug splatter and bird droppings that are acidic in nature. While you still need to remove the offending marks as soon as possible, they are less likely to cause damage to the coating.

Permanent high gloss

Never have to polish or wax again thanks to the nanotechnology that does such an amazing job of creating a finish that is permanently high gloss and leaves a slick surface. Washing it when required leaves it looking fresh and shiny.

No reapplication requirement

Graphene car paint protection forms a permanent bond with your vehicle’s factory paint, meaning it will never wear or wash off. Car owners get great value from having this additional layer added to their car, which is known to be effective for at least 10 years.

Hydrophobic properties

This ceramic pro product repels any water or dirt that comes into contact with the vehicle’s paintwork. When either makes contact with the painted surface, it beads up and rolls off. The best aspect of this feature is that your vehicle stays cleaner for longer.

Protection from harmful UV rays

The ceramic pro range creates layers that protect your ride from the elements and does an excellent job of protecting the exterior of your car’s paint. The surfaces are safe against the aging and fading that you normally experience from the harshness of UV rays.


There are many aspects of having a vehicle that make it bad for the environment, but there are many aspects where you can reduce the impact. When you add a graphene ceramic coat to your paint surface, you wash it less because of its hydrophobic properties. Washing less also means using less water, and even more so if you use our professional car detailing services.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Application Process

When having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle, whether as part of the car detailing process or our paint protection service for your new car, we’ll take your vehicle through a range of processes to apply a protective coating:

  • Remove environmental contaminants by thoroughly washing and drying your vehicle.
  • Clay bar for paint correction.
  • Remove any remaining residues, such as wax and grease.
  • Apply the graphene ceramic coating.

While the process will take an average of at least 6 hours, we usually keep your car overnight so that the coating has time to settle. 

The Differences Between Regular Ceramic Coatings and Graphene

Our team is often asked what the differences are between getting a regular ceramic pro coating on your vehicle and the experience of graphene ceramic coatings. While they work similarly, their performance and composition differ. 

Using the latest technologies, you can expect graphene to be durable, long-lasting, and able to easily withstand the elements. A regular ceramic pro coating doesn’t have these same capabilities and is a step behind in its technological advancements.

Invest in Protecting Your Car

As a car owner, you want to be sure that you are making the right investment in your vehicle, and one way of achieving this is to get your car paint protected by having a graphene ceramic coating applied. Without the added care for your vehicle, it’s an uphill battle for car enthusiasts to keep their ride protected from the elements.

You can trust Eightyeight Detailing’s paint protection specialists to apply the one-off application and deliver excellent service. With their outstanding communication, you can be certain that they will engage with you about the process the whole way through. The outcomes are scratch resistance, anti-graffiti and swirl mark resistant paintwork that gives your ride longevity and great resale value.

For quality service and outstanding work to get your car ceramic coated with graphene, or engage in any of our other services such as getting your car detailed or window tinting, make a booking by contacting us and speak to one of our team about your requirements.