First-Rate Car Restoration Sydney

For ultimate performance and aesthetics, Eightyeight Detailing is the ideal location for car restoration Sydney solutions. If your vehicle has recently been damaged or is starting to look old and needs a pick-me-up, you can bring it to our shop for a wide range of affordable restoration services that will make it look like new again.  

Let your experience be stress-free with our specialists, whose ability will ensure our customers get the best results for their car restoration Sydney needs. Our expert mechanics will fix your car so you can use all of its features and feel safe on the road. 

What’s Included in Car Restoration – Sydney?

We know that when our customers are hunting around for car restoration in Sydney, everyone’s dream is different. While there are endless directions a customer’s vehicle can be taken in order to be restored, we provide specific services to complete the project and help you determine the best possible route to take.



Before the restoration work can begin on our customer’s vehicle, planning is the first of the services we offer. It gives us a starting point and lets us know what direction you want to take the repairs and restoration. It’s during this time that we gain an understanding of a client’s expectations and level of involvement. 



Once our technicians have a greater understanding of what you wish to achieve from the planning session, it is now where we have the important discussion around the budget. By breaking down the pricing, we get a good look at what each area will cost and can compare that to our customers’ budgets. By looking at this from the outset, you are not met with any surprises throughout the project because we even budget for those.



Communication with our clients is an important part of our services because it helps us make sure that all of the parts of the car restoration in Sydney meet the client’s needs and keeps them in the loop. Open throughout the project means any issues and concerns are managed quickly and at a time in which they can easily be changed.

Collaboration for the Finest Results in Restoration Work

Whether you’re looking for classic car restorations or your current vehicle needs restoring, the Eightyeight Detailing team will get it done, with or without your guidance. Some of our clients like to take on some of the work themselves, whereas others get satisfaction from handing it over after initial discussions and planning and take a more hands-off approach.

Restore & Repair With Eightyeight Detailing

When it comes to restoring your car, each job is different because of the varying ages of vehicles, the type of damage they have, and how much work a customer wants to be completed. It’s with confidence and long experience that our technicians have been restoring cars with the quality you expect from specialists in their field. Whether working on the engine or transforming the interior, all your car restoration Sydney dreams will come true when using our services.

We follow a process for each of the vehicles that drive into our workshop so that when it’s time to get greasy hands, we seamlessly deliver our restoration services with ease:

  • Stripping interiors
  • Rust removal
  • Panel removal
  • If necessary, remove the window glass
  • Removing doors, if required
  • Spray painting
  • and more.

As enthusiasts ourselves, our team knows how to deliver extensive services using quality materials while also future-proofing your vehicle from environmental elements that can cause damage. We are passionate about bringing your vehicle back to life, whether a classic or new model. We make the process as seamless as possible to ensure that your car restoration Sydney experience is unequivocally stress-free and completed to your satisfaction.

How Expensive is Restoring Cars in Australia?

When engaging our technicians for your car restoration Sydney, you can be confident that you’re receiving cost-effective solutions that are always done with quality to restore life to your vehicle. We deliver services that allow you to take pride in your restored car and enable you to maintain its appearance long-term at a price you can afford.

With the understanding that all vehicles are different, our costs are specifically calculated on each customer’s requirements. While some may be looking to engage in a full car restoration in Sydney, others may only be looking for a few repairs and be working on a tight budget. We always recommend talking to one of our team about your specific needs for a free quote.

Give Your New Car Life With Car Restoration Sydney

Quality restoration and repair of your vehicle will make any journey across Sydney streets satisfying and one to be proud of. Our work is known for being first-rate because we have a wide range of materials and tools for car restoration in Sydney and skilled technicians who know how to use them.

We take care of each vehicle that comes to our Sydney shop based on what it needs. This means that we know that not every car needs a full overhaul. We often do partial restorations or work on just one part of the interior or exterior of the vehicle. No job is too big or too small.

With our broad experience, we have had the privilege of working on varying types of vehicles, from muscle cars to high-end Lamborghinis and classic Fords. Because we know a lot about different models and engine types, we can make sure that your asset stays true to its time period.

If you want your dream car to be unlike any you’ve had before, then choose our crew who have integrity, respect, and are trusted professionals in their field. You can be sure your ride will be given the very best care from start to finish.

Contact us at Eightyeight Detailing to get a free quote for car restoration in Sydney and find out why our customers keep coming back to us.