Car Window Tinting Sydney

For custom window tinting for your car in Sydney, your most cost-effective and professional service comes from Eightyeight Detailing. As automotive specialists, we know that many motor enthusiasts think their car never looks quite complete without the look provided by car tint installations. And that’s exactly what we’re here for.

It’s our mission to give customers peace of mind by knowing that they are safe from harmful UV rays while keeping cool during the warmer months. Plus, when driving during long commutes in heavy Sydney peak hour traffic, there is nothing better than having the protection that car window tinting gives.

When you bring your car window tinting job to our Sydney workshop, we offer a range of solutions from a carbon film to a ceramic tinter for a modern, refined look. You can leave your vehicle with us with confidence, knowing that we use the latest automotive industry technology to achieve perfection in car window tinting with premium quality films. For quick service and an excellent job every time on car window tinting, there’s no need to look any further than our professional crew.

Get Modish Style With Car Window Tinting in Sydney

It’s not lost on us that some car owners, while they appreciate the many benefits of adding a car window tint, only choose to have it applied because of the stylish look it gives their vehicle. When adhered to the glass in your ride, our quality window films use the darkest legal tint to provide the vehicle with a sleek finish. Looks aside, many owners appreciate the many other benefits of their newly tinted side and rear windscreen, especially when looking to protect the interior. These accelerate your driving experience and include:

UV Protection

If your windows aren’t treated with a window tint film, you may be at higher risk of skin cancer and other health issues caused by the harmful UV rays in Sydney. It goes without saying that regular glass does not offer the same benefits, but when you tint the windows, you add another layer of protection.

Save Money

With many opportunities to save money when you add a car window tint to your vehicle at our Sydney workshop, it becomes even more of a highly recommended choice. Aside from saving cash by reducing sun damage to your interiors, you’re also saving on fuel and relying less on your air conditioner.


Your ride is significantly more comfortable by adding a window tint to your car. This application reduces heat during Sydney summers while also decreasing your reliance on air conditioning. Aside from driving at an ideal temperature, the reduction of glare from your windows also brings an element of luxury to your drive.


One of the more important aspects is safety. Another level of security is added when you apply the darkest legal car window tinting to your vehicle. With less visibility to see inside, thieves are less likely to try and steal your valuables.


We value our ability to deliver expert results but provide our customers with a warranty for both installation and the window tint for peace of mind. Our Sydney technicians explain the terms involved so you know the steps, should you ever make a claim.

Maintaining Legal Requirements in Sydney

When adding window tinting, Sydney customers must be aware of the legal guidelines around this type of solution so their driving visibility isn’t impaired. Our team of car window tinters in Sydney follows all mandated percentages, as required under NSW legislation.

For example, in Sydney and wider NSW, your front windows can only be covered to 10% of the area above the wipers and are limited to 70-75% Visible light transmission. When broken down, this works out to 35% for front side windows and 20% each for both rear and rear side windows. No reflective tint is allowed, and the application must be smooth, meaning no bubbles or peeling.

If you follow the legal requirements, you will experience the right amount of visibility, whether driving day or night, while still reducing incoming rays. 

Sydney Car Window Tinting With Rayno Film

At our Sydney workshop, our customers get the Rayno Window FIlm treatment, offering excellent heat reduction, ultimate privacy and protection from the sun. Rayno uses nano-carbon technology to provide the best coverage for your car windows as the best ceramic coating on the market. Whether driving day or night in Sydney, your visibility is maximised for high-performance capabilities.

One of our most popular window tint films is Rayno’s Phantom series. It provides first-class colour stability while maintaining clarity for optimal performance. One of its best features is its long-lasting capabilities.

Sydney Car Window Tinting Pricing

The typical cost for quality tinting in Sydney is $250 onwards, depending on the type of vehicle and how many windows you want to be completed. Each city offers similar pricing levels, while the only differences are usually caused by car size and the complexity of a window’s shape. 

As with all tradies, labour charges will vary, and at Eightyeight Detailing, we welcome you to contact our team for tailored pricing according to your specific needs.

Eightyeight Detailing - Your Sydney Car Window Tinting Professionals

If you’re looking for a point of difference in applying window tint film and our specialist technician’s approach, Eightyeight Detailing is the Sydney automotive service of choice. In addition to helping you block those harmful UV rays with newly tinted windows, we also deliver a host of other professional car services, including professional car detailing and paintless dent removal.

Whether you have a classic, vintage or new car, we deliver great customer service consistently, and we do this by taking the time to listen to our clients’ needs and providing excellent service every time. We never compromise on quality outcomes and treat every job as the most important one through our workshop doors.

Our crew delivers beyond expectations at a price and quality our clients have come to rely upon. Our window tints are easily one vehicle detail that is a must for reducing the harmful effects of UV, removing excess heat from the car, and as a way to protect your interiors from fading. 

Our team is on hand to offer services that add value and longevity to your vehicle. We believe that car window tinting in Sydney helps improve drivability by ensuring your ride is comfortable and glare is reduced. As Australia’s most prestige car care facility, our workshop doors are always open, and we welcome you to contact our team or visit us on-site for a quote specific to your needs.