Quality Car Paint Protection Sydney

Engineered to protect your car’s exterior, Eightyeight Detailing offers fantastic car detailing and paint protection services to give it the tough outer shell your vehicle deserves. Our professional ceramic coating team does an amazing job at protecting your new car, preventing a host of damage that your vehicle would otherwise be susceptible to, especially in the unpredictable Sydney weather. 

Aside from the added paint protection to your vehicle, your ride will retain the glossy look upon leaving the showroom the first time, making driving a breeze and keeping it looking great for longer. While this process may sound similar to using a sealant or protective wax on your car, exterior paint protection is more than a polish and temporary coating. The application is a long-term solution to your vehicle’s paintwork, and the treatment is a permanent ceramic coating with nanotechnology that works as a defensive shield.

We have a team that delivers excellent customer service and always pays attention to detail. For every vehicle that comes through our Sydney workshop, we offer Sydney car paint protection services that are transformative and work with various types of surfaces, textures, car makes and models. As car detailers, we personalise our services to give your vehicle the care it needs while maintaining the showroom superior shine from which it started.

The Ultimate Solution in Paint Protection for Sydney Drivers

We believe in always providing a great service, delivering a permanent solution for your car’s exterior that does the most fantastic job possible. Whether used, new or classic, it is vital to protect it from environmental factors, including dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, rain etc. 

While visiting your local car wash helps keep the exterior clean, the attention to detail that our team gives elevates the look and feel of your vehicle from start to finish. We take detailing and car cleaning to a whole new level.

To rid vehicles of the deep dust, grime and dirt that makes your ride lose its superior shine, we recommend that our customers experience the value of our Sydney professional paint protection services. 

When you bring your classic, used, or new car to us, we take extra care by tending to neglected surfaces. The thin but robust layer of car paint protection makes for ease of cleaning, washing and protecting your ride from any environmental factors and reduces dust and rain spots.

We recommend using our Sydney car paint protection services at least twice a year when exposed to less-than-ideal weather, especially if your vehicle is often parked out in the elements. Knowing that the ceramic coating only needs to be applied once for long-term exterior paint protection, the care we take of your car will enable you to enjoy the look you aspire to achieve in between car cleaning sessions.

Superior Shine & Protection Inside & Out in Sydney

When you treat your vehicle to our car detailing services in Sydney, we work on making both the interior and exterior surfaces stronger and well protected without compromising on what gives your old, classic or new car the personality it embodies. Giving your vehicle interiors a full detail is more than just a shampoo and vacuum; it embodies the whole car. 

When treating your car interior detail, we use nanolayers to protect your leather or fabric seats, mats, and carpets, making it difficult for any type of liquid to penetrate these surfaces. Just as we do with your paint protection on the exterior, we keep your interiors looking new and protected with a flexible coating. This does its job without affecting the integrity of the vehicle and its accessories.

Adding a protective layer to the interior of your new car is highly recommended soon after leaving the showroom because it ensures cleaning your vehicle is more manageable from day one. It also makes it less likely to require ongoing paintwork. The durable bond it creates prevents staining of seats, carpets and other elements.

Benefits of Detailing & Car Paint Protection in Sydney

Giving your ride the best car detailing services and the ceramic coating paint protection it deserves adds many benefits, including helping it retain great value should you look to put it on the market in the future. Other benefits include:

1. Permanent Solution

The ceramic coating provides a permanent solution for maintaining a high-gloss finish and protecting your car from environmental contaminants.

2. Repels grime

Keep your car cleaner with our exterior and interior protection. Once adhered to that first and only time, dirt and water simply roll off your car, keeping it cleaner for longer.

3. UV resistant

Paint protection on your car aids in reducing fading, discolouration, and corrosion as a result of harmful UV rays experienced under the sun. 

4. Good investment

The paint protection your car gets from our technicians helps retain the resale market value, giving you a chance of a higher return upon selling.

Leaders in Sydney Car Paint Correction & Protection

We are leaders in Sydney paint protection and correction services which we deliver at an affordable price at our convenient workshop location. As a dedicated team with great communication about the exterior and interior protection we offer our customers, we also proudly deliver various other auto detailing services. 

From giving your car seats a makeover, tinting windows and paintless dent removal for one or multiple vehicles, each service comes highly recommended by our regular customers. They have experienced the fantastic service our technicians consistently deliver.

As car enthusiasts, our team only use the best tools and techniques to protect your car’s features and paint surface. You can confidently drive away knowing your car is weather-ready when you leave our workshop. Eightyeight detailing helps keep your vehicle safe from permanent and surface damage and delivers these services at affordable and competitive prices.

With many years of experience in paint protection, our technicians know how to deliver a high level of care to your vehicle to get the results our customers expect. We deliver nothing but the best results, so you can rely on us to give your vehicle a robust and durable finish that keeps your exterior looking great and functioning well.

It’s time to give your classic vehicle, used or new car the superior shine that’s only achieved from a full detail and paint protection solution. Experience excellent customer service when you contact us or visit us at our Wetherill Park location in Sydney.