Professional Car Detailing Sydney

There’s no doubt a car wash is one of those things that brings about a fresh look and feel for your vehicle, complete with the brand-new touch you loved about your vehicle in the first place. But even if you’ve owned your car for years, there’s a way to get it back to that pristine factory-floor condition — car detailing. 

While washing removes the visible dirt on the exterior, it doesn’t get deep enough under the grime to remove it fully. Car detailing, on the other hand, includes buffing and polishing off that stubborn layer, topping it off with a sealer for maximum paint protection

Neglecting your car detailing will allow the pollutants to build upon the bodywork and make your paint oxidise and fade faster. And when you’re trying to keep your car as good-as-new, that’s not ideal.

If your car is parked in the garage overnight and protected from the Sydney weather, exterior car detailing is recommended two to three times a year. If it’s exposed to the elements or plant debris and matter (or even bird droppings), the car will need to me maintained more frequently.

Why Are Car Detailing Services Necessary?

The exterior of your car is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants, whether it’s heat, UV rays, bugs, tree sap, dirt or rain. Even after you’ve sent your car in for a wash, take a minute to run your fingers along the exterior and you’ll likely feel a sort of roughness. This is a result of heavy contamination. 

It’s these pollutants that can really damage the paint of your car over time. The only way to remove these substances completely is through buffing and polishing. The sealant applied afterwards protects the car’s exterior from those elements moving forward by:

  • Reducing minor scratches and blemishes
  • Improving and protect the paint condition of the vehicle
  • Restoring and enhancing the paint’s shine and glossiness
  • Ensuring a smooth finish and feel
  • Refining the colour clarity
  • Treating oxidation, paint fading and dullness
  • Increasing the car’s value 

Car Detailing Services We Offer


At Eightyeight Detailing, we don’t underestimate how much you love and cherish your vehicle. We’ll help you keep it in excellent condition and looking good, increasing its lifespan. We’ll buff off all the dirt, grime and swirls, and then polish it so that it’s sparkling and radiant. We also offer various corrective and restorative packages and your vehicle will always leave our workshop looking brand-new — we
guarantee it!


The most used areas of a car are the interior and the wheels. While everyone else admires the outside, you’re the one who actually spends most of your time inside the vehicle. Choose our package with leather coating and Wheel Armour to provide protection from things like scratches, stickiness, grime, UV rays, mineral deposits, acid rain, dirt and debris.


Our specialised graphene coating ensures that the dents, swirls and other nasty agents removed from your car’s exterior won’t come back. Eightyeight Detailing uses graphene specifically due to its ability to last up to 10 years. Plus, it’s backed by science.


Why Graphene Coating is Part of Our Car Detailing Service

In the past, most workshops and DIY enthusiasts have opted for a ceramic coating to provide the best protection for their car’s exterior. Almost every car detailing shop would offer ceramic coating, wax, and sealant. Ceramic paint protection is extremely durable; the problem is, it only lasts between a few months and several years. 

On the other hand, graphene coating is a huge technological advancement in the right direction. It’s made from a carbon-based nanomaterial that British professors won a Nobel Prize for when they first discovered it in 2004. 

Here are some of the benefits of graphene coating:

  • It has a high water contact angle which means more beading
  • Its anti-static properties repel dust
  • Because it’s highly flexible, it’s less susceptible to cracking or chipping
  • Easy to apply
  • Has durability of between five and ten years.


We highly rate graphene because of its very high slickness factor alone. If you like the water beading effect, you’ll love graphene.

Why You Need Interior Automotive Detailing

While an exterior wash and polish can give your car that showroom shine, having your interior in pristine condition is highly recommended for your own luxury and comfort.

We disinfect and sanitise the car’s interior to eliminate dirt containing germs and bacteria. Get rid of those drink spills and beverage scraps and stains from your kids or pets. We’ll restore and rejuvenate your car with our specialised deep upholstery shampoos and fragrances.

Our leather coating sealant protects your vehicle’s interior from wear and tear, stains, spills, colour fading, and UV rays. What’s more, it acts as a repellent for water, dirt and other contaminants.

Choose Us For Your Car Detailing, Sydney

Choose Eightyeight for the best car detailing, Sydney. Our professional car detailers always do an amazing job, and upon collection, it’ll feel like you have a brand-new car. 

Our team takes precise cautions as we work with each individual vehicle. We are car enthusiasts ourselves, so we know exactly what it’s like to leave your pride and joy in someone else’s hands!

We are also experienced technicians that can provide advice and help you choose which car detailing service to choose for your vehicle. At all times, we provide great customer service and can answer any questions you may have, from the step-by-step process to explaining the products we use.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the best detailing technology to ensure we do a fantastic job each and every time. We also only use the most advanced products for car care, placing a big emphasis on longevity and superior protection.

Finally, our car detailers provide reputable services from start to finish, thanks to our many years of training and experience. We use techniques that ensure no damage is done during the car cleaning and detailing process, and our return customers are a testament to our expertise.

If you’re interested in car detailing, Sydney, pop in to our branch or contact us and have a chat with our friendly staff. We’ll explain the entire process of how we get your car back to its sparkling former glory.