Protective Wheel Coating

Do you want your rim’s metal surfaces to look refreshed and like new? Choosing to have your wheels powder coated by the Eightyeight Detailing professional crew is vital to keeping them in pristine condition. It’s also one of the best ways to protect your wheel’s exterior because of its durable, long-lasting finish. 

A protective wheel coating is a suitable option because of how well the coating cures bonds to the surface of the rim. It makes the care of your car and its wheels much easier. Overall, using this wheel ceramic coating is a protective measure for your car.

What Is Ceramic Wheel Coating?

When you add a ceramic powder coating to your wheels, it acts two-fold, it helps preserve your rim and gives it a shine that adds to the glossy look of your car when used on:

  • Mild steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Wrought iron materials.


When choosing a ceramic coating application, debris such as iron particles and other nasty contaminants will be removed before the task begins, usually using clay bars for best results. The spray coats onto the surface as a dry powder and then cures after application. The curing process gives the wheel a tougher exterior with long-lasting durability.

Expectations Of Your Wheel Finish

Regardless of whether you apply a ceramic coating, undergo polishing, or introduce suitable lubricants to your wheels, they will never be fully free of dirt and brake dust. While the overall result of such paint correction will help them stay cleaner a little longer and be easier to wash, they will still collect dirt on their surface.

Benefits of Powder Coating Wheels

Adding a protective layer to the surfaces of wheels effectively minimises the need for wheel repair and other services because it offers:

1. Ongoing Protection

Choosing to ceramic coat your wheels ensures protection from scratches that you get from general wear and tear, brake dust, and other contaminants. While it will need reapplying eventually, it lasts longer when applied by a professional team like the crew at EightyEight Detailing.

2. Repels Dirt & Brake Dust

Brake dust and dirt are two of the most common culprits of making your alloy wheels appear worse for wear, and cause the need for frequent cleaning. 

While your rims may never be free of debris and completely decontaminated, they will resist dirt that adheres to your car’s wheels.

3. Protects Rims From Environmental Contaminants

Nasty contaminants struggle against powdered coated wheels and other materials that keep each rim protected. These nasties can include anything from grease to tar and other bits and pieces cars encounter when on the road. 

4. UV Resistant

A ceramic coating is like a sunscreen that protects your wheel and helps fill a need in Australia, where UV rays are particularly strong and harmful. The stabilisers in the powder-coated rims stick to the wheel and create a bond that stops the area from fading and other damage from the sun.

5. Easier to Clean & Maintain

Before getting powder coated wheels, cleaning them using a short pile microfiber cloth and other materials would be required to scrub your wheels adequately. After applying wheel ceramic coating, a simple wash down is all that’s needed to clean it, meaning less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying your ride.

6. Stay shinier longer

For most car enthusiasts, the requirement for a fantastic-looking car is a shiny exterior, including the rims. A protective wheel coating is the best choice to achieve this. It protects your car from rust and ensures the paint on your rims looks better for longer.


A Ceramic Coat With Customisable Colours & Finishes

One of the more enjoyable features of adding a coating to your car’s rims is the selection of custom powder coating. You can choose from a range of matte and high-gloss solutions in a colour of your choice. 

Customising your wheels – whether a clear coat or a stand-out red – will not only act as a safeguard for your wheels but also make them look great.

How Long Will the Coating Last on a Wheel’s Surface?

You’re probably wondering how long a ceramic coat will last when using your ride daily. A powder coating is much more durable than traditional paint and can last at least 2 to 3 years. It will depend mainly on how often you use your car, whether you choose a professional team to apply it when you book it for an appointment, or you DIY.

Choosing a professional to undertake the task ensures better longevity than DIY, given the use of specialised tools and the coating cure process your wheels go through.

Ceramic Coating for Wheels New & Old

A protective wheel coating isn’t just for new rims, either. It doesn’t matter how old they are, as long as they’re prepared well before spraying the coat. Older wheels will require more attention before adding the protective coating, but there’s no reason why you cannot get the most out of your rims.

Get the Best Protection for Your Wheel’s Surface With Eightyeight

If you’re looking for excellent service and a process that will add a coat to your wheels that will make them look shiny, new, and protected against bad weather and other elements, choose the crew at Eightyeight. 

Our experienced team of technicians are car enthusiasts themselves and know how important it is for the whole ride to have the proper protection, including your wheels. For this reason, our in-house experts offer a cost-effective choice that’s environmentally friendly and quick to apply.

Customers love that we use a material that acts as a bond, meaning it needs to be applied less frequently than traditional paint methods. Specifically formulated elements for protecting your wheels make for the best environment for high-performance vehicles.

Contact Our Crew for Protective Powder Coated Wheels

As a car detailing service, we have expertise across all facets of keeping your car looking its best and keeping it safe to drive. Ceramic coating spray is the best choice when it is time to quickly coat your wheels and add new life to your ride.

Let’s get started by giving your wheels the protection they deserve with long-lasting effects and great service at Eightyeight Detailing. Ask us how.

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