Professional Classic Car Restoration

At Eightyeight detailing, we love classic cars and restoring them to their former beauty. As auto enthusiasts, we know how much work is required to achieve the restoration of vintage cars, so we have made it part of the service we offer our clients. We can take care of the whole restoration process for you, including finding replacement parts, fixing the upholstery, making sure each door works, and restoring the paint.

Whether you have a hot rod, a muscle car, or an iconic 1960s Holden, our team likes the puzzle presented to them. Sometimes these puzzles are more complicated than others and require more than some rust removal and hood replacement. We know that it requires time, patience, and research, which is why it’s our forte.

Working Together For Car Restoration

You’ve just bought your dream classic car and can’t wait to get into the driver’s seat, but first, it needs a little restoration work. When you bring your classic muscle car to Eightyeight Detailing, we work with you to create a plan that gives us a basis to work from and a seamless way to achieve your goals together. 

As part of the services we cover, we can handle as much or as little of the restoration as you want. We are not looking to replace your involvement in the project, but are happy to support our customers who like to do some of the restoration work themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a small amount of repair to your wheels, car interior, or something more complete, we first work by sitting down with you and devising a plan to work from, which includes:


Before proceeding, we look at how much you want to spend to restore your classic car. This helps us devise what we can do to serve your vehicle best and decide what can be repaired and replaced. We can break down the cost of different areas of your car and always recommend budgeting for extra in case any issues are faced during the restoration project.

Direction and timeline

Once all the costs are known, we will talk about your goals so we can make good decisions and plans. We will discuss whether you have specific dreams for this restoration or whether you are looking for direction and expertise from our garage team. Once everyone agrees on a good plan, we can figure out how long it will take to complete it.

Open communication

To ensure our clients get the most of our extensive range of services and we can complete classic car restoration to specifications, we keep communication open and regular before and during the job. We aim to keep you informed, discuss any changes that need to be made, and keep you informed of the timeline towards the end result.

Turning Dreams into Reality with Classic Car Restoration

You can be sure that when you hire our team to fix up your classic car, we will use the most up-to-date tools and equipment and good old-fashioned hard work. Whether using an engine crane, doing paint correction on the body of your car, or transforming your vehicle’s interiors, when you pick up your car on completion, all your mechanical dreams will have come true.


Even though each classic car that comes into our garage is different, we follow a tried-and-true process for restoring them that has worked well for a long time. When it’s time to get our hands dirty, some of the steps we may take with your classic car, depending on your requirements, include:


  • Stripping the car’s interior
  • Removing panels 
  • Door removal, if required
  • Removal of window glass
  • Protecting or removing the headlights
  • Taking out engine gearbox and transmission
  • Rust removal
  • Adding new paint.

The Cost of Car Restorations

As a team of professional technicians servicing local Sydney clients, we are invested in ensuring your restoration project is completed at a high standard yet reasonable price. Each classic car restoration is unique, which means that some will require extensive work on rust removal, engines, panels, paintwork, and your car’s wiring. For others, some simple upholstery changes may be all that is required of our team.

Given the differences across all classic cars and each individual customer’s requirements, we base the cost of each restoration based on the parts, amount of work, and other aspects. Once you have discussed with our technicians what you want to accomplish and the type of budget you have to spend, we provide each client with a detailed breakdown of what we can do for the money they have to spend.

Vintage & Classic Car Restoration With Eightyeight Detailing

From taking your muscle car or hot rod to car shows, being part of a club, or simply loving the idea of restoring something old into something new, there is a whole culture around the art of car restoration. Regardless of your involvement with classic cars, getting them back to their former glory is a breathtaking experience.

Our team understands the importance of quality finishes regardless of whether it’s a paint fix, replacing a door or a full restoration, which is why we work hard to deliver a complete finish that works for our clients. We take the worry about the whole experience from our customers because we have the right tools and materials for a seamless approach to restorations in a convenient location.

Whether you’ve always had a design for your dream car in mind or you’re new to restorations, taking a classic vehicle and giving it new life will give your engine the pick-up it needs to smoothly cruise through the streets or act as a showpiece for a museum.

If you want restorations on your classic and muscle car done with integrity, trust, and the respect your vintage vehicle deserves, we are committed to providing you with the very best results. Using mechanical equipment to remove rust and restore life to your car, along with other options and services, will take your project from its dilapidated form and give it a future through the inspired art of car restoration.

Search no longer for a service that uses the right equipment for safe car repair and transforms it with a superior finish. Find out why our customers return to us for repairs and restorations of their vehicles by contacting us or dropping by for a visit to ask our technicians for a free quote.