Car Window Tinting in Liverpool

Using the latest technologies and products, our workshop crew are on hand to enhance and protect your vehicle with car window tinting in Liverpool. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service, and as custom tinting specialists, we regularly apply our long-established knowledge and expertise in the industry.

From new high-quality car tinting to replacement Rayno window films, our crew supply and install the film using only premium products that protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of the sun.

When you choose Eightyeight Detailing for window tinting, you can expect great service from a professional team in Liverpool, NSW and its surrounding suburbs.


Car Window Tinting & Window Films for Every Need

Some customers choose window films for their cars because of their unique aesthetics, elevating the look of their custom ride. But there are also many other benefits to choosing professional car tinting, from keeping the inside of your vehicle cool and comfortable to preventing damage from constant sunlight. 

These outcomes make introducing window tint a worthwhile investment towards protecting your ride and driving with confidence. 

Full benefits include:

1. Keeps You Cool

Getting into your car after it’s been sitting in the heat is an experience no one enjoys. It’s stifling and sometimes sticky, and sometimes you can burn yourself on overheating metallic components. The first thing we do is turn on the air conditioning and roll down the window, but no matter how fast we are, it takes a while to cool down. 

With the application of window tinting to your car window, your vehicle’s interior is at least 8° Celsius cooler than it would be if left exposed to ongoing sunlight.

2. Gives Your Car Style

When you have a sleek-looking ride, the one thing that completes its look is window tinting. When driving through Liverpool, the aesthetics of darkened window panes are an economical way to add colour to your car without looking garish with the existing palette.

3. Saves Money

We’re all looking for ways to save money when it comes to our cars’ maintenance, and one way to do this is through our window tinting service in Liverpool, NSW. With the reduced glare of the sun into your interiors, your dashboard, leather, vinyl, seats, and carpet are less prone to damage and make significant energy savings. 

In turn, this means saving on fuel and having less reliance on air conditioning.


Tinted Windows: More Than Just a Better Look

While we’ve established that window tinting films look great and give your ride a modish style, other practical reasons that make it the right choice for your car windows include:

1. Safety

Adding the darkest legal tint to your car’s window panes can help prevent smash and grabs from your interiors. Whether a single or multi-ply thickness, with less visibility inside your ride, thieves are less likely to attempt to steal any valuables left inside.  

2. Protection From UV Rays

Vehicles without window tinting may put their passengers at risk of skin cancers and other health issues such as migraines and extra light eye sensitivity due to damaging UV rays. The UV rejection is beneficial for those who spend hours at a time in their car for work or personal reasons.

3. Reduces Glare & Prevents A Frost Buildup

The nano-technology of car window tinting film helps reduce glare when driving in the sun and snow. It keeps the drive more manageable and safer while helping prevent frost buildup on those colder mornings. 

Give Your Car the Best With Rayno Window Film

We use Rayno window film because their brand only uses top-quality materials available on the market. At our Liverpool window tinting centre, we know that the nano-carbon technology used in Rayno film will maximise visibility and has high-performance capabilities.

The Phantom series is among the brand’s most popular options and is known for its clarity, colour stability and longevity, making it a cost-effective choice.

Be Safe on Liverpool Roads With Legally Tinted Windows

When you choose window tinting, NSW Legislation mandates following regulations rigorously. The categorisation is by Visible Light Transmission (VLT), and the higher it is, the lighter the film.

Legally we can only cover 10% of the area above your windscreen wipers. The front side windows can have a reading of at least 35% VLT, whereas the rear side can be a little darker at 20% along with the back window.

How Much Does Car Window Tinting in Liverpool Cost?

Before we give our customers a final price, there are several factors we need to consider to offer an accurate quote. We need to know the following:

  • How many panes will be tinted?
  • The size of each window
  • Make & model of the car
  • Does it already have tinting?

We always recommend contacting us with your details so our office can ensure you receive the best services from our crew at competitive prices.

How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

While the amount of time will vary, depending on your vehicle, window tinting can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours for a complete car. However, the job can take longer if you replace existing window tinting that needs removal first.

Choose Eightyeight Detailing for Quality Car Window Tinting

When you bring your car to our workshop for window tinting Liverpool, NSW, you can expect us to use quality products and undertake expert installations backed by our experience and knowledge. With an emphasis on attention to detail, we are accurate and focused on ensuring your vehicle’s windows are free from gaps, bubbles, edges and cutouts due to poor techniques.

Our use of innovative premium products transforms your glass from its original condition with the strength and protection you need when out on Liverpool and the greater Sydney area roads. You will receive personalised installation and ongoing care services as an independent, Sydney-owned business.

Whether you require window tinting services or need our professional expertise in paint protection, auto detailing and more, contact us at +61 404 888 869 and experience the many benefits for your car.