Everything You Need to Know About Car Window Tinting

Within Australia, car enthusiasts use window tinting to complement vehicles by giving them a sleek look. It’s not only the aesthetics that make this solution a popular choice, but when following the required state guidelines for the right level of window tint, it has safety features and many other great benefits when you’re out on the road.

When getting your car windows tinted, a thin laminate film is applied as a measure to darken the windows and give your vehicle a sleek and modish look. It’s bonded to the inner glass surface of all windows except the front windscreen. The film is usually made from a thin transparent material combined with tinting agents that protect it from any debris.

Most new car owners choose window tinting as an upgrade to help preserve the car’s value. Regardless of when the job is completed, all window tinting is covered by warranties for ultimate protection. If you’re considering making these changes to suit your lifestyle, we have you covered with all you need to know, starting with some of the many benefits that make this solution a wise investment.

The Primary Functionality of Window Tinting for Cars

With so many vehicles in Australia flaunting window tinting, it’s easy to see that it’s more than a passing fad. There are varying benefits you can enjoy when you tint car windows of any kind, aside from making your vehicle look great. These include:


By having the darkest legal tints installed on your car windows, you significantly reduce the amount of heat that gets trapped inside your vehicle, especially under the harsh Australian sun. Aside from making your ride more comfortable, especially when travelling long distances, it also puts less strain on your air conditioning.


By having the darkest legal tints installed on your car windows, you significantly reduce the amount of heat that gets trapped inside your vehicle, especially under the harsh Australian sun. Aside from making your ride more comfortable, especially when travelling long distances, it also puts less strain on your air conditioning.

UV Protection

Without treatment on your windows, there is a greater chance you’re at risk of skin cancers and other issues that are caused by the harmful UV rays, such as eye sensitivity, migraines and melanoma. While regular glass blocks some UV rays, you’re adding extra protection when you choose to tint car windows.

Saves Money

Like curtains help protect the interior of your home, when you tint a car, you’re preserving the leather or vinyl seats, carpets, dashboard and mats from exposure to the sun. This level of protection saves you money on mending or replacing any of these items.

Privacy & Security

The film used on the car not only provides a physical barrier by making it difficult for thieves to smash through it, but you also have the addition of privacy when you and your family are travelling together. Along with this, people can’t always see what’s inside, making them less likely to smash and grab.

Maintaining Your Car Window Tinting

When considering all you need to know about window tinting, you cannot look past the importance of ongoing maintenance to keep it functioning effectively. Once installed, it’s recommended that you do not wash your windows for at least four weeks, depending on the film used and or weather conditions you frequent.

To keep your windows looking their best, its also recommended that you:

  • Avoid harsh cleaners – they can erode the tinted film over time
  • Dry your car in the shade – to avoid watermarks for a spotless finish
  • Use a microfibre cloth – if washing by hand to avoid scratching the surface.

Darkest Legal Tint – NSW

Within Australia, car window tinting laws vary from state to state. For this reason, when deciding to add a window tint to your car, you not only need to check your state’s legal requirements but also that of the states you may be travelling to regularly.  Aside from getting the visible light transmission at the correct percentage, it cannot be bubbled or peeled on installation, so we recommend using a professional team at Eightyeight Detailing. 

For all states, aside from Western Australia (where none is allowed), the darkest legal tint is 10% of your windscreen, which can be tinted above the wipers. It is limited to 70-75% VLT for the safety of drivers because visibility is essential. Within NSW, local laws require the following VLT limits:

  • Front side windows – 35% 
  • Rear side windows – 20%
  • Rear windows – 20%
  • Reflection limitations – No reflective tint allowed.

Car Window Tinting Prices

If you’re considering the right price for window tinting your car glass, you can expect to pay from $250 onwards within NSW, depending on the type of tinting, how much and where you get the job completed. 

The prices are considerably universal across each city, and differences are usually due to the size of a vehicle and the complexity of window shapes. As with all tradespeople, labour charges will vary and impact the cost.

Quality Tinting for Your Car

When it comes to anything related to your car, you want to be sure you’re getting a quality finish when you’re outputting cash and relying on functionality to get you from A to B. While there are options to DIY your windows yourself, using professional technicians ensures you meet state legal requirements and it’s applied correctly without any bubbling for a greater chance of longevity. While DIY has the potential to save you labour costs, it’s not that easy to do yourself and requires a lot of patience for a seamless result.

At Eightyeight Detailing, we use Rayno window film, which provides a non-carbon ceramic coating technology because of its durability. We believe it to be one of the best products when you tint a car because of its technologically forward capabilities that offer the right coverage without affecting the driver’s vision. You get increased safety during the experience of impaired vision such as a storm or mist and a clear outlook when night driving.

If you’re looking for a group of window tinting specialists who provide a smooth, bubble-free outcome, choose to get your windows tinted at our workshop. Reach out to Eightyeight Detailing technicians for a free quote now. We guarantee your vehicle will get the attention to detail for a quality finish, ensuring a fantastic job every time.

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Car Window Tinting
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Imagine getting into your car after leaving it in the sun all day. The heat is intense and unpleasant, and you’ll likely need to open the windows and put on the air conditioner immediately. Car window tinting is the perfect solution, as it significantly reduces the warmth entering your vehicle, plus it minimises the need to spend time and energy cooling down the inside.

Car window tinting is a popular upgrade that vehicle owners in Australia continue to lean towards. By adding this simple protective film, you also add more security to your vehicle, with the glass being more difficult to smash. Additionally, the interior will be safeguarded against fading and cracking. In turn, this preserves its value. 

Quality car window tinting comes down to expert installation and using the best materials. Premium tints should block out harmful UV rays while offering increased privacy.

4 Main Reasons Why People Choose Car Window Tinting


Keep Cool

The most obvious reason to invest in car tint installations is for heat rejection. Research shows that window tints can reduce the ambient temperature of a vehicle by up to 8°C.


Save Money

Window tinting can help to protect your car’s interior, such as the dashboard, seats, leather, vinyl, carpets and mats. Plus, you can enjoy spending less money on maintenance due to sun damage. Additionally, you won’t need to use your car’s air conditioner as much as you used to, or even at such a high setting. In the end, this all saves money on fuel, plus helps extend the life of the air conditioner overall.


UV Protection

With less UV protection that comes with untreated windows, you run the risk of influencing conditions like skin cancers and other sun-related health circumstances — like cataracts, melanoma, extra light eye sensitivity, and migraines. Having your car tinted can help protect you from these harmful UV rays.


Increased Safety

Car window tinting also adds security, simply because it acts as a theft deterrence. If an opportunist thief walks by your car window and sees valuables inside, there’s a higher chance that they will “smash and grab.” But if they can’t see what’s inside, they are less likely to try and break-in. Also, window tinting is a film that provides a physical barrier on your glass. This makes it more difficult for thieves to smash and shatter your windows. Lastly, car window tinting provides privacy for you and your passengers, which is particularly appealing for families with kids.

Rayno Window Film​

At Eightyeight Detailing, we apply Rayno Window Film to our customers’ vehicles, providing a nano-carbon ceramic coating technology. This is a process that uses both ceramic and carbon particles to produce high colouring and heat rejection.

We believe that this is the best window tint solution on the market, mainly due to the nano-carbon ceramic films being so durable. Meanwhile, the tint allows better visibility in any shade or even in outdoor light, plus the high colour retention means it’s designed to last for years.

Dyed films are more likely to fade and discolour with time as they are exposed to UV light and humidity. Due to their low infrared rejection, they provide only minimal protection against infrared rays. One potential alternative is to use a derivative of ceramic-like Rayno Window Film), as it offers better coverage.

Rayno Phantom series film ensures clear vision even at night and in rainy or misty conditions, increasing safety and peace of mind. Life doesn’t just stop when the sun goes down or Mother Nature has a bad day — having window tinting helps to maximise visibility no matter the conditions.

Additionally, the Phantom series is one of Rayno’s most popular types of car tint, which we have available at Eightyeight. As a hybrid carbon-ceramic film that’s beneficial for high-performance applications, this option promotes driver visibility as well as offers dependable colour retention. For those after the darkest legal tint, this product provides one of the best window tinting solutions available.

Choose Eightyeight Detailing For Your Automotive Window Tinting

Eightyeight Detailing provides the best services to meet all your window tinting needs. We are fully equipped with all the tools and expertise required, and our team members have many years of experience behind them. The quality of our work is always at an outstanding level, while we strive to take pride in a job well done.

We emphasise attention to detail, so you’ll never find things like rough bubbles, edges, cutouts or gaps leaving our workshop, as those indicate a poor installation. We take time to complete each task carefully so that we can ensure everything is done correctly and professionally the first time around.

But for your peace of mind, we are covered by all needed warranties for the excellent services we offer. This covers the window tint itself, as well as the installation. Our professional team can explain the terms of the warranty and the steps to take if you need to make a claim.

At Eightyeight Detailing, we offer customers the most affordable pricing for the level of quality we provide in any of our window tints. Our team is highly trained and qualified, we have the most modern technology available, and we use only the finest materials. We always do a fantastic job of every car window tinting job we complete, no matter how new or old the car.

Finally, we ensure quick turnaround times so that you’re not stranded without your vehicle for longer than you have to be. We’ll have your windows done in no time at all, while still focusing on excellence and attention to detail.

There’s a reason our customers choose us for the best window tinting in Australia, at exceptional prices. Contact us today for more information or to book a consultation.