All You Need to Know About Paint Protection Car Costs

Everyone wants their car to look shiny for as long as possible, especially if they’re driving a brand-new vehicle. Whether direct from dealerships or you’ve had your ride for some time, your paintwork needs protection to reduce accumulated dirt and dust.

Over time, technologies have evolved to create durable graphene, and ceramic coatings that give ultimate protection. These offer a high-gloss finish that’s durable and repels water effectively. By providing your car’s paint with this extra safeguarding, you’re doing an excellent job at giving your exterior a chance of longevity.

In this piece, we will look at paint protection car costs and all there is to know about the two technologies, and how they add value to your vehicle. 

Prevention is the best way to keep your car’s painted surface looking its best. Achieve a favourable outcome by adding paint protection to your car using a superior product that’s designed to preserve the finish for longer. For example, at Eightyeight, we use best-in-class technology and solutions to ensure the end-result remains intact over time, rather than wearing out due to use and general wear or tear. 

By choosing a carbon product such as graphene or ceramic coating, you’re also adding an extra layer to your paintwork that’s designed to meet the benchmarks of high-performance technology. 

When teamed with having your windows tinted, your car will look its best and be well protected against the elements for years to come. 

The Difference Between Graphene & Ceramic Paint Protection

A protection package used to consist of using synthetic materials as a sealant for exterior paint protection. Today, the options are more cost-effective but have qualities that make choosing between the two difficult.

Aside from ceramic coatings being a little cheaper than graphene, other differences between the two will give you more confidence, depending on your individual needs. 

Graphene Coating

The nanotechnology used in automotive solutions like graphene coatings makes it one of the thinnest but most robust materials on earth, which means you’re less likely to need paint correction and resprays in the future. The coating does a fantastic job at future-proofing cars, making it the smart choice for long-term usability.

The nano-coating structure is a honeycomb design, considered the ‘next-generation’ of car paint protection, and is made from carbon atoms. Benefits include:

  • Less water spotting
  • Easily applied
  • Long-lasting.
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • High-gloss finish

Ceramic Coatings

On the other hand, a ceramic coating is derived from quartz crystals and combined with other elements into a liquid form. The ceramic liquid cures and forms a transparent layer on application.

The ceramic coating process has long been popular as a choice for car paint protection because they outperform alternatives like waxes or polishes. Choosing a ceramic coating for your vehicle means you can expect it to be:

  • Hydrophobic
  • Have a glossy finish
  • Low-cost
  • Readily available
  • Easy to apply
  • Ease of application

There is minimal variation in the benefits of each paint protection option, the main difference being that graphene uses newer technology and lasts longer than ceramic products.

Highest Quality Application of Exterior Paint Protection

When you choose Eightyeight Detailing for the application of paint protection, there is very little difference between getting your car ceramic coated or graphene. A professional team achieves the best results with the right tools and a garage environment where your solution will be applied by:

  • Thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating with a clay bar
  • Utilising a temperature-controlled space
  • A task-specific applicator
  • Undergoing levelling
  • Buffing the coating.

Is Paint Protection Car Costs Worth It?

When you’re outlaying money for your car, you want to be sure you’re getting cost-effective carbon or ceramic paint protection. 

At Eightyeight Detailing, we know that aside from the great customer service you will receive from our crew, you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the many benefits of this kind of solution, including: 

1. Cost Effective

Less dirt, grime, scratches, and swirl marks mean less money is spent on professional cleaning, waxing and respraying to keep your car’s exterior looking its best. 

2. Easier to Clean

With the hydrophobic nature of carbon or ceramic coating, water and dirt repel relatively easily. With less grime and dirty water coating your car’s surface, cleaning your car takes less time and effort.

3. Improves Appearance

If a pristine and shiny surface appeals to you, choosing high-quality products for the exterior of your car will enhance the appearance of your paintwork and have a long-lasting shine.

4. Eco-Friendly

Compared to cars that don’t have carbon or ceramic coating for paint protection, there’s a reduced negative impact on the environment because it requires less washing, which means less water use.

Is Graphene or Ceramic Paint Protection Film Worth It on a New Car?

While many people mull over whether new cars need graphene or ceramic paint protection, how you use your car often decides for you. 

New vehicles are at just as much risk of scratches and contaminants as older vehicles. You know it’s the right choice if you:

  • Park outside
  • Drive in harsh conditions
  • Exposed to harsh UV rays 
  • Looking to retain the resale value.

A graphene or ceramic coating may not be necessary for drivers who don’t drive much, park in a garage, and frequently clean their vehicle.

3 Tips for Looking After Graphene & Ceramic Paint Protection

Once you invest in applying graphene and ceramic coating to your car, you want to ensure your vehicle’s paint remains protected. The finished product only maintains its effectiveness if well cared for. Your paint protection will keep your vehicle looking its best if you:

1. Regularly Wash Your Vehicle

Regular washing to keep your car clean after ceramic coating your ride makes your vehicle easier to clean and retain its look longer.

When adding graphene or ceramic paint protection to your car’s exterior, wash by hand with a mild detergent to protect the polish and wax for ongoing effectiveness.

2. Remove Bird Droppings Straight Away

Tree sap, bird, possum, and bat droppings should all be removed from your vehicle as soon as you notice them. 

Deposits like these are corrosive and need removing immediately to ensure the nanotechnology and ceramic coating looks better longer.

3. Avoid Commerical Car Washes

While they may be convenient, an automatic car wash damages the paint on your vehicle. 

The water and brush’s cleanliness aren’t always in the best shape, and if the bristles make contact with your car’s surface, it can cause your exterior to scratch and become dull.

Choose Graphene or Ceramic Paint Protection for Highly Professional Results

An added coating to your ride isn’t a superhero; it’s not invincible. But it is cost-effective, can repel water, has a shiny finish and long-lasting protection that, when looked after correctly, does an amazing job maintaining its showroom shine.

When you choose Eightyeight Detailing to perform everything from preparation to protecting your exterior with a graphene or ceramic coating, you can expect excellent customer service and quality finishes. You will receive professional service from a highly invested team who wants to get the best outcomes for you.

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