How to Restore Plastic Car Trim

If you look closely at your car, you’ll notice several black plastic trim pieces, generally around wheel arches, bumpers, and windows. If you drive an SUV or a van, it will feature prominently and leave the factory in a deep shade of black. 

The brand-new shine only lasts for so long, fading over time, requiring a solution finish in the form of restoration. When your ride no longer looks as sleek as it once did, it’s time to look at how to restore the overall plastic car trim.

Why Does Black Plastic Trim Fade Over Time?

If you’ve ever wondered why black plastic trim turns white, the natural oils tend to dry out and degrade with general wear and tear. But with fewer layers of defence than a vehicle’s paintwork with car paint protection, UV rays from the sun cause dehydration. Drivers often also find that dirt and debris from the road also speed up the process and fade the plastic sooner.

Step 1: Cleaning & Preparation

We always clean a vehicle when applying adhesives to faded plastic to remove any dirt and grime. We wear gloves and use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the car’s surfaces, which protects the paint and prepares the area for the applicator pad and dye.

Taping off the faded black plastic that’s to be treated, including around the glass surfaces, is another key aspect of preparation. It’s essential to keep the dye away from the areas that aren’t  a part of the black trim when using the foam applicator, so the other surfaces aren’t accidentally dyed. 

Step 2: Degrease the faded black plastic

Degreasing the black trim removes any other contaminants the initial clean missed. Removing as much dust and dirt as possible leaves a smoother finish upon completing the task.

Step 3: Apply restoration products

Applying black paint is the next step. Using a foam applicator, we apply the dye in nice, even streaks. By liberally adding paint, we ensure a well-covered initial coat. While you can use a heat gun to restore the black plastic trim by bringing out the natural oils, it’s not our prefered choice for achieving a deep black, sleek look that other materials will get. 

Step 4: Add additional coats if needed

To ensure enough coverage and no streaks, we continue applying coats until we have a thickness that looks right. 

Step 5: Remove the masking tape & enjoy

Once we have the right level of coverage, we remove the masking tape and are ready to share the results with the car owner.

We Add More Protection When We Restore Black Plastic Trim

In addition to using their skills to restore faded black plastic on your car, our technicians also add extra protection to black plastic surfaces to ensure that the finish stays UV-resistant and shiny. 

Putting a ceramic coating on your black plastic surfaces is an excellent way to protect them, as it will keep dust and dirt out and add another layer of protection against damage.

Ongoing Care for Your Cars Plastic Trim Pieces

When the Eightyeight Detailing team restores faded black plastic trim, it’s essential that the coating undergoes a small amount of ongoing care for best results. 

While the trim restorer solution is an excellent method for restoring the appearance, preserving the trim helps retain UV protection for longer and helps maintain the aesthetics. We recommend the following:

  • Use soft brushes: Use special soft brushes to clean off your trim when washing your vehicle.
  • Clean the trim regularly: Wash your car regularly to keep it free from dirt and wipe away other contaminants to retain moisture within the material.
  • Use microfiber cloths: These cloths are gentle on any surface, especially cars and are less likely to leave streaks or marks.

Contact Eightyeight Detailing for Restoring Black Plastic Trim

When you’re looking for the ideal solution to restore plastic car trim on your car, ask the crew at Eightyeight Detailing. You will be amazed by the difference the solution a trim restorer makes to your car’s appearance and helps ensure no more faded plastic.

Entrusting your car in the hands of a team of professionals makes sense because they handle the process with ease and care, from the initial wash to adding protection for ongoing functionality. 

We are passionate about getting the best results for all aspects of your car, which you will find when browsing through our services. The condition of the plastics is just another element that, when it ages, needs a little TLC to give your exterior the added shine it deserves.

Contact our team at ph: +61 404 888 869 or email us at to book an appointment and restore your plastic car trim.

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